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Friday, February 03, 2006

Hi. All.
You have an essay type question on The Guide and a few short notes. To answer these questions you need to know concepts like modernity and colonialism, post colonialism. At least you should know what is modernity. I have posted a short write up on modernity. Please read and try to understand it. If you apply that explanation to what happens to and in Malgudi you have your answer.

There are also questions on Women’s writing in India by Susie Taru and K Lalitha and ‘Politics of Failure’ by SV Srinivas. I am posting my notes on ‘Politics of Failure’ on the blog. (Vicky, III FEP) typed them for you). My 12-page notes no Women’s writings was typed by Neha Doshi of I FEP but the floppy she gave me the material in doesn’t open. Let me try it again. However, I am leaving two photocopies of that notes on my table you may pick it photocopy and leave it back on my table for others to use. But I must warn you about my handwriting. Reading the manuscript can be injurious to your eyes and brain!

All the best gals and guys!

PS: Very sorry for the delay in posting. I had promised, esp. Shashank to put up the posting by 9 am. Due to the virus threat College has closed the net. I had to search for a cyber cafe. Posting now from Cyber cafe.

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