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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Ladies have Feeling, so... Shall we leave it to the Experts?

The Ladies have Feeling, so... Shall we leave it to the Experts? (2002)

Arundhati Roy

Contradictions that make India

Lives in many centuries simultaneously

Anarchy in India

Loaded in two convoys pulling opposite each other

Balancing is an art

Being a writer in this country

Development as undeclared war

Rules for writer: No rules. But no excuses for bad art

Art imposes responsibility

Problem of writer – once you see you can’t unsee

Civil society protects a writer

Changing situation for Indian writers – demand by western publishers

Celebrity status can kill the writer

Labeled – because she takes positions

Corporate globalization

Cannot address problems in India

We have excess within us

Way it functions

Govt stand – opposes

Euphemisms – Globalization with human face.

Questions unanswered: Globalization is not panacea

Need to question the World bank projects

Issue of displacement

Anti-poor govt and judiciary

You take part in the issues because you are a human being

Don’t depend on expert

India cannot be forced with globalization. Peoples movements cannot be silenced.

Their battle strategies span the range.

India’s redemption lies in its anarchy

Writers, artists, singers, filmmakers, should make connection and explain complexity of situations to people. – translate

New space. Opportunities for new kind of art.

Need for new kind of politics, of governance, and resistance, of opposition, of forcing accountability, of joining hands,

Only thing worth globalizing is dissent – India’s best export.

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