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Saturday, May 24, 2008

MA in English with Communication Studies at Christ College

We are staring MA in English with Communication Studies this year. The papers are :
Semester I
British Literature:Genres and ideas
Reading Twentieth Century Art, Culture and Society
Literary Criticism
American Literary Thoughts and Ideas
Professional Communication
Semester II
Gender Studies
Contemporary Theory
English Language Teaching
Mass Communication
Semester III
Indian Writing in English
World Literature
Postcolonial Studies
Comparative Drama
Research and Writing Heuristics

Semester IV
Film Studies
Indian Writing in Translation
Cultural Studies
Translation Studies
Script Writing

Note: After the second semester there is a compulsory internship in any of the following area- media, schools, colleges, research centres.

For any information, help regarding the course or admission please contact me on : ajpinto42 at gmail dot com or post your comments on this blog.