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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sample Questions - I Sem Optional English Mid Sem Exam

Sartaj had asked me for sample questions yesterday. Today Abey reminded me about them. Hence this post.

The questions may be :

  • Single-text based
  • Asking for comparison of two texts in terms of their style, world view or themes.
  • Questions asking about literary genres or movements, namely novel, metaphysical poetry, sonnets, Puritanism, early theatre in England, early theatre in Greece,
  • Questions asking you to locate texts in larger frameworks the syllabus or course plans try to engage you in, namely, print culture and nation states or similar frameworks, if mentioned.

Some Sample Questions

What is conceit?

How does Chaucer describe Wife of Bathe?

How do Shakespeare’s and Donne’s poems you have studies differ from each other?

How does the worldview of Shakespeare’s sonnets differ from that of Donne’ poems?

Locate the texts you have studied in the print culture and nation-state framework.

All the best.


sartaj said...

Thank you sir :-)

Anonymous said...

do u no tat ppl are going to flunk???

Anonymous said...

and tat "all the best" seems so sarcastic!!! argh!

nightrene said...

sir,abt d last sample question. i did'nt quite understand it.wht exactly do u mean by locate d texts??

Abey Jose said...

can u pls let me know wat should my answer contain for this question ..
Locate the texts you have studied in the print culture and nation-state framework.

Abey Jose

Anil Pinto said...

Nightrene and Abey,

The question 'Locate...' expects you to show how print culture determines spread of particular worldviews which in turn gives rise to nations and/or nation-states. You could show the evidence of such changed worldviews in the texts you have studied.

Abey Jose said...

ok thank u ..

Anil Pinto said...

'All the best' intended to be positive and to convey my good wises.

nightrene said...

thank u sir