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Friday, October 10, 2008

V Semester Literary Theory and Criticism End Sem exam clarificatoins

Adarsh called me to clarify a few point questihons troubling him and his friends. Here are the clarifications.
1. The first essay of Psychoanalytic criticism is very much there for exam.
2. There would be no questions asking you to apply structuralism to a single piece. (If you can't figure out why you haven't understood structuralism!). Instead questions might be asked on the piece of Levi-Stauss' discussion of Oedipus myth
3. You will not be given any piece to do a decontructive or post structuralist analysis. Instead questions might be asked on the last piece in post structuralism.

Do spread the word around to beat the ....


Anonymous said...

Sir, there are some questions that are bothering us too i.e. 3 pseng Vth sem sudents..would we get a text to analyze from historical - biographical point of view? because we find it not viable to know so many years and facts as in when was the literary piece written , the sensibilities that shaped his era...or the biographical details of whoever wrote it along with the 11 essays we require to know for mid sem. You would be doing us a great favor by relieving us of this burden.Anticipating a favorable responce. Thank you.

Anil Pinto said...

Dear ...., there are no questions that require to know any text( essay or poem) other than those prescribed for you. All the questions are based on the texts prescribed.

Deepa said...

is Language of paradox there in our portions?

Anil Pinto said...