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Monday, June 08, 2009

III Year FEP Expectations from my Class

1. Please do not embark on tangents. (Okey)
2. Give background to authors/names you mention. (Ok)
3. Please finish portions in time (K)
4. Don't be monotonous (Sure)
5. Stop before five minutes (Sorry)
6. Keep fan on/off. (The one near table -sorry. The other one – all yours)
7. Give CIA dates in advance. (Give me the dates you want. Will consider)
8. Another round of feedback in two weeks. (Remind me on 23rd)
9. Give an overview of all new topics (Will do)
10. Put up reading list on blog (teek hai)
11. Summary of class on blog (Would encourage some of you to volunteer to put class notes on blog. Will give you contributor privileges)
12. Students can come to clarify doubts after class. (Anytime. Will mostly be in the dept or library)
13. Get options for CIA from students (You have time till the next class to suggest the possibilities)
14. Attendance taken by students (Will think over it. Need to build accountability in it)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hahahahhahaha...the fan is a part of the suggestions?