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Sunday, September 27, 2009

As the wedding bells chime

Ladies, gentlemen, and dear others,

Flowers. Music. Smiles. Happy tears. Golden rings. White gowns. Today, the wedding bells chime, rhyming in time, love sublime, and a knot tied.


Mr Pinto, or Anil as he likes to be called, is getting married to Geraldine, or Deena as he calls her, today in Mangalore.

Let us, with open hearts, and love, wish the couple a wonderfully happy wedding day, and a beautiful married life!

All the best Mr Pinto! Love you sir!


Anonymous said...

Dear Anil, wish you and Geraldine a happy married life!

Anonymous said...

dear SIR
wishing u and deena happy married life ....luv u
students of JP..

Br Hector Pinto said...

Dear Anil,
I wish you and Geraldine a very happy married life. Congratulations. I heard about your blog from Br Roshan. I went through it. Its very interesting and useful. Take care and God bless.
With love and prayers
Br Hector Pinto,

Zulfiya Hamzaki said...


Anonymous said...

congratulations sir..we wish you a very happy married life...
students of FEP.

JoseAngel said...

Best wishes from the other side of the planet!

Anonymous said...

congratss sir...its a lil late...but we miss u most during exams so...happy married life sir, and your wifes name is very interesting,like one out of an english novel or something..we hope you both have a happy and prosperous life ahead....cheers

Anil Pinto said...

Thank you all for the wishes.