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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

technology and aesthetics

Nottingham is a combination of technology and aesthetic architecture. A combination of really old buildings and hugh ended technology. The library here is huge. Four stories of books, books and books, all neatly organised and waiting for the students to be used.

Everything is online. One has to register online to be a student; one has to reguster online for accommodation; for courses; pretty much for everything. They have a website for each and every aspect of what they do; starting from their IT services to the maintenance of the IT services. It's interesting and also slightly annoying at times because there are so many things to keep track of.

Another thing about Nottingham is that everything has to be a separate department and separate websites and separate ways of communication. You cannot go to a library and ask them about where you can find a school or a department. There is a procedure for everything and there is a predetermined schedule for everything; that will happen on time whether your there or not.

It's a cold and warm sort of a system that requires you to be so mechanical that it is difficult to get accustomed to.

More tomorrow.


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