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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nationalist Politics and Aesthetics of Art

Creative communication class of Anil pinto for MCMS students of St Aloysius College on Monday, 26 October dealt with the topic nationalist, politics and aesthetics of art.
Plato says ‘Art is imitation of reality’ and reality is aesthetics. According to Jean Baudrillard "The simulation of something which never really existed."

Mr.. Anil Pinto said according to CM Radhachandran,
Hinduism = upper caste = male

Pierre Bondreau argument about nationalist is that-

· One’s taste is determined by social class we belong to.

· Most of the social classes decide what is good or what is bad.

Mr Pinto, told us to read the book “Distinction, a social critique of judgment of taste” by Pierre Bondreau.

as written by Amritha B Rao & Reena S

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