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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

II year JPEng and CEP Questions

II year JPEng and CEP -ites may post their questions here. I will respond to them.

Let me attempt answers here for the questions asked in the comments section below.

Reg. Liberty Song 
1. The liberty song which I understand became a very popular (pop) song during the last phase of struggle against England leading to declaration of Independence. The Stamp Act became a breaking point which was capitalized by the leaders asking for independence from England. The argument was, since England was not using the money collected from the American colonies for the welfare of the White residents of America, England had not right to collect it. Stamp Act insisted on collecting money by way of stamp on all legal translations and claims.  The Act helped leaders demanding freedom more popular support from the colonies.

The Liberty Song has that background. It was written about three years after the Stamp Act. However, you will find the concern mentioned above in the poem as well. They do not want to pay, if they cannot be taken care of well.

For more on the Stamp Act click here for the wiki article 
2. I am not able to understand the second question, hence, apologies. My position is that native american story telling did not become part of any visible, dominant narrative tradition of USA. However, I admit I am subject to correction.
3. Thomas Paine's work is Propaganda writing
For more on that you may click and refer to the following links
a. From 'On' 
b. From 'Dream'
c.  From enotes
4. Links to 'Song of Myself'
a. From 'Sparknotes'
b. From 'Wikipedia'
c. From 'Bookrags'
d. From 'enotes'
5. Links for 'Purloined Letter' as Dark Romantic
a. From Wiki on Dark Romanticism
b. From Passgen : 'What is Dark Romanticism?'
c. From Associated content

Hope this will be some use. All the best.


Anonymous said...

1) Could you explain (as though it was an answer to an exam) "The Liberty Song" by John Dickinson in the context of The Stamp Act of 1765 and The Township Act of 1767?

2) How does Native American Storytelling become a part of their history?

3) The Importance of Christopher Columbus's Voyages.

4) Thomas Paine's work as Propaganda Writing?

Anonymous said...

Sir,just a reminder that you were suppose to put up some notes on "Song of myself"..If you could please do it.

Anonymous said...

In context of Purloined Letter explain it as a "Dark romantic novel"...and how it is a legend?

Anonymous said...

Sir do answer them asap! Tomorrow is the exam...

Anonymous said...

Sir, at least by 9 PM please answers all these questions.. tomorrow is the paper!!! URGENT

Anil Pinto said...

I will respond. May not be elaborately. At least by 10 pm. Sorry guys

Anonymous said...

Sir the mock question paper that you were suppose to put uppp???