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Sunday, October 17, 2010

American Literature Material

Here are the links to material on some of the poems of American Literature syllabus. This post is in response to the request made on this blog for reference material. Apologies for the delay.

Why I am Not a Painter - O'Hara
1. From Modern American Poetry

Not Ideas About the Thing But the Thing Itself - Wallace Stevens
1. From Poem Hunter
2. From Poem talk   ( Please scroll down to second half of the page to read the commentary)
3. From A Mirror Floating on Water

Portrait of a Motor Car - Carl Sandburg
1. From this blog discussion (Please go to the comments section for the discussion on this poem) 

Armies of the Night - Norman Mailer
1. From Wikipedia
2. From the greatest works of all times 
3. From New York Times

On Imagination Phillis Wheatley
1.  Notes by Shruti from II JPEng
2. Click here for the annotated text

Howl -Allen Ginsberg
1. From Wikipedia
2. Gradesaver Summary

All the very best!
(P.S.:I only wish at least a few of my friends in the class regularly uploaded on this blog the lecture notes they had taken down. It would have helped a lot of students.)

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