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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MPhil General Research Methodology 12 Oct 2010 - Academic Writing Classnotes

Notes by Arul Gasper, MPhil. English Studies.
What is writing?
Writing is a representation of language in textual medium.

Difference between Academic writing and other writing
Academic writing is critical and it is for the informed audience. To start any academic writing, one has to learn concepts. Any writing that occurs outside this type of writing is called other writing.

Features of Academic writing
Objective: It is to show the foundation of argument and upon which you build your thesis. A specific methodology is followed.
Significance: You are here to show how important your argument is. It is demonstrated through literature reviews or studies: why your study is so important.
Adequate details – Statistical values, data and data analysis are provided to support your stand.

Types of academic Writings
Abstract: It’s a summary of your entire thesis, what you have exactly done. The summary will introduce the area of enquiry. It will have the problem statement. In the summary, you have to show what methodology you will use followed by conclusion.

Research paper: It has a topic, authors, and abstract at the beginning, entire paper, literature reviews, methodology and conclusion. Word limit for a science paper can be around 1000 but any social science papers will range from 3000 to 6000 words.

Dissertation: It means a piece of written work that reports on the findings of a theoretical or empirical investigation and is undertaken in accordance with the regulations for an honors or first masters’ degree Word limit will range between 6000 and 20000

Thesis: Word limit would be around 50000 words
Proposal: refers to your area of enquiry, significance: why is it so important, methodology you choose, resources, budget in case of longer researches, duration and names of the investigators
Reader:  It is a collection of seminal essays in a particular area.
Book: If you are passionate about a certain area of study, you read books in that particular area.
Chapter: Sections

Collaborative writing – two or more people together doing a research on a particular area of study
Digital writing -   online writing and so on   

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