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Thursday, July 28, 2011

cia2-Western Aesthetics







Using Psychoanalytic Theory: Parveen Adams, Rosalind Delmar and Sue Lipshitz


Thesis statement: "Laura Mulvey writing about Allen Jones in Spare Rib has shown how fruitful a psychoanalytic approach can be-there again with no question of psychoanalyzing Allen Jones"


1.Topic sentence : "Michelene Wandor and Margot Waddell's comment on Laura Mulvey's article and Mary Kelly's exhibition would be more of 'a contribution to a debate' had any of their of points been argued."

Instead-they present-series of assertions-need to be questioned and clarified-first-their speculation about Mary Kelly's intentions-second-their claims about-exhibition's 'difficulty' and 'obscurity' for visitor-single response on-any exhibition-Post Partum Document included-unnecessary-unilluminating enterprise

Key word:' Post Partum Document'


2. Topic sentence: "One of the strength of Laura Mulvey's article is that it treats the exhibition as a product of artistic practice."

Relationship between-work of an artist-theoretical position informing the work- missing in Margot and Michelene's comments-Mary Kelley's exhibition-exposes-difficulties involved

Key word: 'product of artistic practice'


3. Topic sentence: "Their account of her work consequently reduces it to a question of the 'issues' involved, simply and somewhat blandly described as 'the mutual mother-child socialization process in infancy' : a sociological categorization which misses an important point."

Mary Kelly's work-original-deconstructs-assumed unity of mother and child relation-inorder to give place-mother's phantasies of possession and loss-links-exploration of psychic forces involved to social relation-indicates motherhood as a constructed meaning-deconstruction-achieved through-work of-uncovering-interplay of unconscious desire with conscious activity and physical and mental labour-demanded by childcare-this aspect-not mentioned by Margot and Micheline

Key word: 'motherhood'


4. Topic sentence: "This brings to the question of the 'relatively new area of psychoanalysis' – 'new' for the women's movement or 'new' within psychoanalysis?

Margot and Micheline-connects-philistinism and anti-theoriticism-failed-explain-why Mary Kelly  should have adopted-conciliatory stance

Key word: 'psychoanalysis'


5. Topic sentence: "Perhaps Margot and Micheline could be more explicit about what they mean by ' a confusion about the nature of psychoanalysis '."

Psychoanalytic theory-used to-structure-exhibition-contains-no overtone of 'clinical process'-not a psychoanalysis of Mary Kelly or her child—theory-emphasizes-ideological positioning of women-explores phantasy of the loss of phallus

Key word: 'nature of psychoanalysis'


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