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Thursday, January 26, 2012

III BA English Honours HEN652 Cultural Studies CIA 3

CIA3 criteria.
10 Marks: Structure of research paper - Abstract (about 150 words), introduction, locating research question in the existing body of knowledge, exploring the research problem using the cultural site given (e.g. Jaipur literary festival is a context), conclusion, works cited (MLA style), in-text citation. + Sharing of paper with all (2 marks)
10 marks: logical development of the research problem, rigor of the exploration of research question. logical flow of conclusions based on the exploration and analysis. 

Other guidelines
Last date for sharing the complete paper with the course instructor and coursemates: 10 Feb 2012 (IST 24 Hrs)
Length of the paper: 5-7 pages, including works cited section. 
The paper needs to be shared with all the coursemates. 
The should be either in google doc format. Please avoid uploading the word document. 
Please use times new Roman, 12 font with double line space, including between paragraphs. Indent the first line of new paragraphs. 
Please write your name and register number at the left hand top corner of the first page.
File name: HEN652+_+Title of the paper+_+ your name. 
Please do comment on other's papers once they are shared. 

(PS: Please be nice and kind to me in the next class, as always :-))

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