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Friday, April 27, 2012

MPhil Viva--Some Guidelines

Structure of presentation for MPhil viva
1. Opening slide with title, your name and registred no
2. Background to your research areas
3. Objective of your research
4. Outcome of Literature review
5. Methodology followed-Justification
6. Discussion
7. Findings
8. Conclusion
9. Suggestions for further research

Things to Keep in Mind
1. Ensure that your findings and conclusion match your objectives and research questions stated in the beginning of the dissertation
2. When the question as to why you chose the topic you could begin with your personal reason but emphasise on the research gap that led you to the research
3. Avoid putting points on the PPT which are not there in your dissertation.

1. Greet the external examiner, internal examiner, guide, faculty members and others. Welcome them to the presentation.
2. After the question answer session thank the external examiner, internal examiner, guide, faculty members, others.
3. Dress formally
4. As far as possible the slide design should be plain black and white

1. In case a genuine gap in your dissertation or argument is shown accept it. Say you will attend to it.
2. Be confident but polite while answering any question.

Standard Questions asked in MPhil/PhD Vivas
1. What is your research question?
2. What is your methodology?
3. How does your research methodology justify your research question?
4. Why did you do this research?-Research gap
5. Do your research question and methodology reflect in the title? How?
6. Why did you choose these films/these photographs/this institution/text for study? (The answer should come from the nature of research question and not person choice, preference, or guide suggested etc.)
7. Justification for methodology. Why did you chose this method/methodology and not another one?
8. Why didn't you chose Indian texts /films?

All the best.

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very useful and clearly written tips! Thanks for writing!