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Monday, June 11, 2012

Expectations from III JPEng Postcolonial Literatures Course

·   Interactive
·  Activity
·  Debates
·  Platform for discussion
·  Notes
·  Teach slowly
·  Simplify
·  Blog posts
·  Visuals
·  No home work
·  Clarity
·  use Powerpoint
·  Teaching should be knowledge oriented
·  Start from what we know
·  Don't be condescending
·  Avoid long sessions
·  Don't make us read at home
·  Connection between examples and topic of discussion
·  CIA should not clash
·  Help make up
·  Do not embarrass
·  Interesting CIAs
·  Examples should be contemporary
·  Suggestive reading
·  Contextualize
·  Revision before exams
·  Teaching how to answer and model question papers
·  Plan well
·  Should learn how to apply knowledge
·  Should be taught how to write

(Thank you Alisha Parekh for the notes)


Anonymous said...

This honestly does it! I wonder if the teacher does all of THIS, what ARE the students doing?? I think the question should hav been " Expectations from oneself towards the paper"
Sigh! Kids these days are really ripping!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your class forgot to add a couple of things:
1. Help us change our diapers.
2. Teach us how to construct complete sentences (what does "teaching knowledge should be oriented, help make up, do not embarrass, CIA should not clash...with what?!?)
Thanks sir, this post has given me a good laugh.

Urvashi said...

Hi Tanvi. Just because my classmates have a large number of expectations does not mean they are ignorant or completely helpless, as you have clearly implied. It just means that they are not afraid to expect even the most basic of things from a class. Considering the different standards of education I have personally experienced, I don't think its funny at all but an intensely grave matter that students have to state that they expect such things and that they cannot be taken for granted. There is an entire education system to be questioned here and I, personally, find it far from funny. Lastly, I think its great that we can communicate with a teacher on such a basic level and state even our simple, most basic expectations. It shows openness and a will for understanding. This is how I choose to see it anyway. There's nothing wrong with going back to the basics and I think if we all did that more often, both students and teachers would find their lives to be much much simpler.
I hope my sentences were complete enough to speak for the rest of my classmates.

Anonymous said...


Aghil Paulson said...

Dear Tanvi
At the onset, on behalf of my class, I would like to extend our heartfelt joy in making you laugh through our humble expectations from a class. It is with great humility that we realize how funny our expectations were, nonetheless, if they made you laugh, nothing like it. We are so happy for you. However, at this point, I would like to make it crystal clear that you have taken out the expectations we mentioned from the context and tried to apply your own logic and understanding to it, though you were not physically present during this discussion in class, (at least i failed to acknowledge your presence in our class, my sincere apologies). These expectations we had put forward to our teacher is something between him and us, and I am sure this might come as a shock to you, but Alas! it seems to be working between both the parties concerned and I honestly do not know if you should be concerned. Having said this, on behalf of my class, I appreciate you taking your time off and leaving your valuable comments which according to Article 19(1)(a) of the Indian Constitution, you are free to do.
Yours Sincerely
Aghil Paulson

Anonymous said...

I cant believe I missed this one out!! Anyway To Tanvi and Ashwini hoping you guys would someday read this...Sometimes we seem to think all that we see is exactly the way we understand it. Quite obviously you did just the same thing. You decided to judge a class, n may I specify around 70 individuals over a list put up which does not concern you or to which you have been a part of. Understandably you are blinded by your sense of perception which I must say is shallow. (This is mainly in reference to Tanvi)
Ashwini I must say your remark is true to a certain extent but I am sure you understand the difference between What a class expects from the paper and what it expects from a Teacher. I am so glad Sir did this coz it was like an ice breaker. It made us comfortable with each other on so many levels. Sir made sure he did nothing to upset anybody and in turn every1 made sure they did everything Sir expected out of them. What we appreciated the most was that Sir made an attempt to know us and not treat us like a bunch of machines made to sit in class and reproduce whatever he taught us. I HAVE NEVER MET A TEACHER SO CHARMING, WARM, CONSIDERATE, UNDERSTANDING AND ABOVE ALL SO VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE IN MY COURSE OF STUDY.
However silly all this sounds to you but each of it is somebodys opinion..If only all teachers took time out to listen to what students have to understand what the students want...
PS: you must have missed out on classes which taught how you such learn to respect the opinions of others beside yourself even if they fail to fit in your frame of logic and reasoning. Try catching on them.. they will prove very very helpful.. May be next time you will learn how to appreciate things before bluntly criticizing them.
Thank you for your Time. :)