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Friday, March 27, 2015

History of Media studies department

History of Media studies department at Christ University

The department of Journalism started in 1991 with the initiation of Fr. Jose P, returning from university of Illinois after his higher studies in the discipline. Journalism was introduced along with other two disciplines in a triple main bachelor program format, as Christ was an affiliated institution to Bangalore University.

With the college becoming an autonomous institution in 2004, some new courses were introduced in the discipline in line with masters and bachelor programs. Starting 2004 a master level program titled MS in Journalism was introduced.

When Christ College took the big leap of becoming a Deemed to be University on July 22, 2008, the department of Journalism underwent a challenging step towards diversification under a new name called Media studies department. With the responsibility of building up a new curriculum and defining the future course of action, the department of Journalism underwent a transformation to include other streams of media studies.

Major shifts in pedagogy were undertaken in recent years with the incorporation of hands on experience by the department. Upgrading the Media lab was undertaken in 2009. Green view studio, a state of the art media facility with recording centre, video and audio editing facilities, University broadcasting centre and so on was established in 2009.  With the experts from the field as guest faculty and with opportunity for hands on experience on curriculum, the learning approach has shifted to equipping the students to skill building in all related fields.

The master level program was retitled to MA Journalism in 2014. The shifts in curriculum and diversification of growth are evident in the number of courses offered today at the University. Currently the department is offering many programs starting with PhD and M Phil in Media studies, MA in media and communication studies, Bachelors in Journalism along with other streams and disciplines under triple main program, Honours in journalism; Bachelors in Media studies; Bachelors in Media and communication along with other disciplines. Apart from these, the department is offering certificate courses in Semiotics, Cultural Studies, Visual Culture, Phonetics and Public Speaking.

Mr.Naresh Rao, one of the first staff to join when journalism started at the institution is the current head of the department. 


Prepared by Paul T Louis, a research scholar in the department of Media studies

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