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Thursday, January 05, 2006

III JPEng, FEP notice

Notice to III FEP and JPEng Students

The remaining essays will be taken up in the following order.

The Politics of Failure - 1 hr
On the Abolition of the (sic) English Department - 1 hr
Minutes on Indian Education - 1 hr
Interrogating the Post-Colonial 2 hr
Shall We Leave it to the Experts 2 hrs
Why I am not a Hindu - 1 hr
Marxist Criticism - 3 hrs

All classes will be lecture-cum-discussion based. Hence, please come to class having read the essays.
04.Jan 2006


Anonymous said...


INDIA is a country of diversed culture which
has given birth to many languages.lanuages
evolve and no longer remains same after a
period of time . Some times it turns out to be
completely different one.A lot of changes would
have taken place.There has been a shift from
formality to informality both in scriptwise and
in ourspeech.The long and boring scripts
have turned out to be short and interesting.

Christ College is a place where there are
people from different places which means
that there are people speaking different
languages like English,French,Kannada,Tamil,
Telegue, Hindi, Nepali, Malyalam, Tulu,
Konkani,Marathi,Punjabi..................etc.In such
a situation english being an international lanuage
plays a major role which is a means of
communication.It is also said that it is a very
friendly language which can be learnt and
understood easily .In our college there are more
than 35 language sused . this means thAtit is definatly not going to be jut english but is going to be a mix of all other languagfs recent times due to the use of mobile and sms ing there are many
short forms used such as gr8 , r ,n 2day,etc
have spoilt the language completely.

In the college campus we can hear a lot of
sware words which has become so common in
our daily routine that there would amost be no
conversation without the usage of such phrases whic begin with F...'s and s..' . these words are generally used in common places like kiosk, food court ......etc
it is almost there in everybodies dictionary.
The most commom crowd in the campus are
kerlites which becomes difficult for others to follow.
never the less it takes time and every body gets
so use to that accent that we also contiue to talk
in the same manner either knowinly or unkowingy. words like dosa is pronounced as dosha which was not understood for the fist time.

other kinds of words such as da, buddy, dude,macha..............
.etc are also used.there is a complete influence of mother tongue english. thelangage used by people arroud the campus cannot be really called as english but still it tells the charector of a person his caste relegion etc can easily be identified.



Anonymous said...

christ college

English as a international language plays
an important role in our day to day life
whether it is at work or while travelling.
In INDIA there are many languages spoken.
This could be a disadvantage for another
person to know or to communicate with
another in such situation english acts as a
means to converse. It is also the most
important language for our living.

In christ college english spoken
by every person as it the most common
langage . There are more than 30 to 40
languages which are used such as English,
Tamil, Telegue,Kannada, Hindi, Malayalum,
gujarathi, marathi, bengali, assami, orissa,
german,french, etc..such an occation also
helps us to learn different languages
which we may not even be heard of.

English acts as a common ground
for communication . There are a lot of slang
words such as 'dam','shit','bloody'......etc...
which are very commonly used.
there r some words which are not found in
the english dictionary but still they are used
while taking to others.Usually those words
are the most commonly used laguage of that
respective person .These kinds of talks can
be heard all round the campus.

Each language has its own accent or
style of speach. It has an influence on english
also . This makes the language feel friendly
and also confusing for other.