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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Experiments in and outcomes of this blog

Following is the tentative and random list of experiments i have done on this blog and the known outcome.

If you think you have any information to add that might build this list please put it in the comment section.

Will be happy if you can comment on how this blog has been useful to you, that will help me.

This is being put together for an institutional presentation on experiments in this blog.

Some of the experiments tried with the blog

1. CIA 2/3 submission on the blog. One of the reasons was to save use of paper . Led to students commenting on other’s write-ups thus leading to exciting peer review and discussion. Tried it with a class strength of 98 (BCom., 2006) BBM 2005)
2. Put up supporting material and links to online resource for students on poems and novels on topics under discussion in the class
3. Scripts of films in discussion
4. Encourage students to ask questions online, as there is less time in class, plus an anonymity
5. CIA announcements, model questions papers, course plans, certificate course announcements
6. Details of courses, talks in and around Bangalore
7. National level and other seminar announcements.
8. Fellowship details
9. links to material around international events namely Man Booker Prize announcements, Nobel prize
10. Formal Student feedback to plan future classes
11. Other course announcements
12. Announcement of programme. Students have taken admission coming to know only through the blog
13. Use it as a space to publish my own academic and other write-ups
14. Publication of chat sessions
15. Links to online academic journals – refereed and non-referred
16. Links to online resources
17. Provides, documentation and archive of a lot of activities

1. Platform for students to carry interactions online.
2. out-of-class support though links and discussion-space/board
3. Anonymity helps students to ask questions which otherwise they would not
4. Far greater interaction over the net than class.
5. Those that do not interact in class interact online.
6. Helps me keep in touch with students.
7. Helps other teachers for institutions across India.
8. Motivation to students to start their own blogs
9. Allow peer discussion

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

this method is definitely a success... perhaps someday some researcher will recognize you as "The creator and pioneer of the 'Revolutionized Education Movement' that swept the world from 2011 to 2020." :)