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Monday, December 05, 2011

Recommendation Letter Details

  • Those who require recommendation letter from me could you please email me the following details. 
  • Those who need letter on University letter head need to get prior permission from the department- Abhaya in the case of CEP and Naresh in the case JPEng 
Once the departments concerned have given their consent you could email me the following details.
  • The papers I taught you/ how do I know you (was your class teacher, worked with me on projects) 
  •  Semesterwise attendance percentage
  •  Academic performance (first class, second class. distinctions, end sem repeat papers )
  • Your markswise rank in the class (Among top 10, top 5, top 20 ...)
  • The activities you took part on campus and off campus during your studies here (internships, fests, newsletters, cctv, seminars, social work)
  • Your career plans
  • Your rapport with all your classmates and teachers during your studies at CU
  • Your assessment of your personality, abilities (interpersonal relationship, study habits,
  • Any specific details I should keep in mind while writing the letter  
  • How will the programme you are applying for will help you in your future.
You could write these in points.

A Request
Writing a recommendation takes an hour for me. Hence, in case you do not necessarily need the letter, I would happy if you do not request for one from me. Further, if a letter from other teachers will do, please approach them. Universities in Europe and North America normally ask for letters from one or two teachers. If you already have required number of letters I will be happy if you can count me out.

Having written over 70 recommendation letters, I realise that I need reminders to complete them. Please do bear this in mind when you request for a letter.

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