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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Educational Experiments in the Blog

For two reasons, i have realized, i need to document my experiments with blogs in particular and the digital space in general. One, when journalists approach me for comments either on using internet-enabled technologies or digital condition, most of the time I am unable to pools my thoughts together or recall my experiments. I always wished I had some writing which I could forward to them which would make my life and their life a bit easier. Two, more importantly, the need to research on education in digital environment would necessitate documenting numerous experiments that emerge at the intersection of my helplessness in connecting to my students, their inability to connect to the present educational system, the historical baggage and the present compulsions of the state, and educational institutions, and my desire to harvest the promise of the digital.

At least for once this will be post-in-progress. I will keep writing as and when ideas compel me to write or revise.

Youtube Assignment Announcement

Youtube Assignments

teaching the whole textbook online

CIA submissions and the consequent student interaction

Teaching a novel online

Wikipedia articles as assignments

Blogging the international conference

Seminar reports

Course plans


Seminar/workshop announcements

Journals in English

online writing lab
video lectures

Class notes updates by students

Collaborative writing

model questions papers

Additional resource link

Legitimation online content- wiki

Harvesting the WWW for questions from the classroom

Question bank workshop for students
Tweeting model questions papers, exam material from Blog

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

While I remember attempting (in my UG) to note down your lecture notes and post them online :), I was wondering, from your experiments with some (or all of these methods), if any of them have proven to be more successful or effective than others with students.