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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MA Western Aesthetics CIA 3 - Audio-visual Presentation

Notes by Sneha Sharon Mammen
Dated: 25th Aug, 2010.

1) Time limit: minimum- 10 mins, maximum- 30 mins
2) Structure:
Part A-- What is the essay about ( Answer in a few sentences)
Part B-- Explain the aforementioned. ( How the essay according to you is about it)
Part C-- Concluding remarks, your reflections on it (optional) and critical positions.
3) Naming of the file:
(Begin with the author's name, title of the essay underscore and your name, each word division separated by an underscore) for example: Raymond_Williams_When_was_Modernism_Basreena_Basheer
4) Evaluation Criteria: 70% for comprehensive analysis, 20% for effectiveness and creativity, 10% for language.
5) Date of submission: on or before 10th of September, 2010, 12 midnight.  
6) Sending the Assignments: Please upload your presentations to Youtube and send the links to Sneha Sharon and Anil Pinto on or before the date of submission.


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