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Friday, March 27, 2009

BA, MA , MPhil, Certificate - Literature, Communication, Research Syllabus

Following are the links to various courses I have developed for Christ University, Bangalore and other institutions where I have been a guest teacher,  for the undergraduate literature, undergraduate communication and masters literature, masters communication and Master of Philosophy programmes. I make them available here for the use of teachers who might wish to refer to them or wish to incorporate them in their respective institutions. If you are incorporating these syllabi in your institution do let me know. I will be happy.

Bachelor of Arts - English Studies (English Literature)
British Literature: Anglo-Saxon to Early Victorian
British Literature: Late Victorian to the Present
Introduction to Literary Theory (2009)
Cultural Studies

Bachelor of Arts - Communication and Media Studies
Media and Society (2009)
Phonetics and Communication

Master of Arts in English with Communication Studies
Translation Studies
Writing and Research Heuristics (2009)
Culture and the Disciplines
Paper Publication and Presentation (2010)
Dissertation (2009)

Creative Writing (2011)
Translation Studies (2011)

Master of Science (MS) in Communication
Communication and Media Theories
New Media Communication

Master of Communication and Media Studies
Creative Communication
Creative Communication (2010)

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in English Studies
Critical Theory and Critical Approaches in English Studies
Postcolonial Studies
Research Methods and Writing
Translation Studies
Gender Studies
Academic Writing

Certificate Programme
Public Speaking
Understanding Visual Culture
Translation Studies
Cultural Studies

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