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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Invitation to Contribute Posts to this Blog

Anybody from any part of this globe, who is in higher education as a teacher,  researcher or student is welcome to contribute to this blog. If you do not belong to higher education, but are interested in academics and research, you are welcome too. You may post your lecture notes, class notes, analysis of essays, poems, novels, for the benefit of other's who might be searching for information, for class assignments, lecture preparation, professional development, and research grants in social sciences and humanities. You are also welcome to share experiments in teaching-testing-evaluation-research.

I hope people from non-English and marginalized languages and literature post write ups on their languages, literatures, and textual knowledge systems.

This blog does not encourage information or posts that are intended for commercial benefit.

If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor, please email me you gmail id at ajpinto42 AT gmail DOT com, along with some details about you and the nature of posts you wish to make.


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Pinto,
you're blog has helped me a lot in answering many questions in my literature exam, and it has also enabled me to think critically of a particular piece of literature.

However, it would be wonderful if you could help me out with Meenakshi Mukherjee's essay on'Interrgating Post colonialism'

Thanks in advance,

Anil Pinto said...

Dear Chethan, thank you for the feedback. Such feedback go a long way in keeping the initiatives, such as this blog, alive.

Regarding Mukhejee's essay, I will try but it may take time. Would you like to summarise it and post it on this blog? This is one way you can give back to the internet.

Krishna said...

Hello Sir,

Is it okay if we post our CIAs in this space?


Anil Pinto said...

That would be great and help many.