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Saturday, February 04, 2006

II Sem BBM MIdsem exam pattern

Christ College, Bangalore


II Semester


Time: 2hrs Max. Marks: 50

Part A

I. Answer any TWO questions in about 400 words. 2x10=20

Two out of four

II Answer any FOUR of the questions in about 200 words. 4x5=20

Four out of five

Part B

III. Paragraph writing 2x5=10

All Questions Compulsory



The First Meeting: Sujata Bhatt

Fuelled: Marcie Hans

I have a dream: Martin Luther King

Those People Next Door: A G Gardiner

Asleep : Earnst Jandl

Paragraph Writing

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sir, will you be kind enough to be a bit more precise in explaining what exactly will be these paragraph writing... and the question pattern is given as 4oo and 200 words respectively.. so please explain in precise what should be our length limit.. i know we are supposed to write the answers precise upto the point.. but still then also i would like you to be a bit more precise in this