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Monday, February 13, 2006

Two Old Men : I BCom D

The Two Old Men

Leo Tolstoy’s story, Two Old Men, deals with Elisha Bodrov and Efim, two old Russians and their pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The two set out on their much-awaited journey with initial hick ups. They pass through a number of villages and witness extreme conditions of human living. In one village Efim stays back to nurse a sick and dieing family back to health and in the process loses all his money. Unable to proceed further due to lack of money he returns, but with a sense of fulfilment. Elisha manages to visit the holy shrines but comes back without peace of mind.

The simple story is steeped in Christian ethos. One can read the teachings of Christ in the story: of helping the neighbours, seeing god in the fellow human being, doing the will of god than chanting his name, helping the needy, honesty and so on.

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maximus said...

sir... just read the post and it intuitively occured to me that u can possibly apply 'the journey of the magi' analogy to it. only the place is different..i.e. in this case its Jerusalem and in the poem in was Bethlehem.

Anil Pinto said...

that's a good way of looking at Maximus. I am sure that will throw up a fruiful discussion anyway.

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