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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

III PSEng, FEP, PSEng V Semester Course Plan 2006

Department of Media Studies

Christ College, Bangalore

III PSEng, FEP, PSEng V Semester Course Plan 2006

Optional English

Names of the Teachers : Anil Pinto

Semester : V

Total No of hours : 24

Subject : Optional English

Paper : European and Non-European Writing: An Introduction and The Literatures of India: An Introduction

1. Modernism; postmodernism; What Postmodernism Means

Reference: The Scream Edward Munch (1893), Guernica Picasso (1937), Modern Times Chaplin, Metropolis Fritz Lang (1927), Waste Land, A Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock TS Eliot; The Fontana Post-modern Reader, Walter Truett Anderson; Postmodernism for Beginners Jim Powell; Art for Beginners Dani Cavallaro

No of Hours: 13

Dates: June and July

2. Feminism

Reference: Fire: Meera Nair; Dweepa: Girish Kasaravalli; Father, Son and Holy War: Anand Patwardhan

No of Hours: five

Dates: August

3. Marxist Criticism

Reference: Marxist Literary Criticism: Terry Eagleton

No of Hours: Three

Dates: September: Week I, II

4. Women Writing in India: 600 BC to the Present

No of Hours: Two

Dates: September Week III

5. The Politics of Failure

No of Hours: one

Dates: September Week IV