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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blogs vs Orkut (Social Network Service

Hi All,
Of late i have a feeling that orkut or Social Network services will be a major challenge for blogging. Since 85% of blogging is personal blogging, and orkut is more interactive and allows more networking (or so i assume) Blogging, atleast personal blogging, is passe'. From my personal experience, i see that present first years are not as excited about blogging as th last years final year students were. Among my firt year fep stuents out of 73, 37 are orkuting. That is about 50% I also find that i am able to communicate and inteact with them faster and better than say with the last year final years, owing to orkut.
Please find some time to quickly respond to this. you may give me your immediate impressions thorugh email or post on my orkut site or blog.
Waiting for you exciting or otherwise replies.

1 comment:

beyond the sky said...

surely, orkut has made its mark..its a craze for many to orkut. However, nothing can replace the personal space a blog provides. Where in its ur own personal world of ideas, thoughts and impressions..orkut is after all scrap!