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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Feedback, please!

Hi All,

I hope you are back at home/rooms relaxed. I wish to have your feedback on the exam. Do start posting your views on my blog or email me.

You may also give suggestions on how the exam could have been done differently. Please be aware that your views are very precious as they will have an impact on the ‘fate’ of your next year’s friends.

Also planning to change the name of the paper. The present title is too long. Any suggestions?

On the whole I was happy with your performance. But felt that all those lectures on platform roles didn’t seem to have had an impact. The don’ts were hardly adhered to. However, for me, they have given better insights as to how I can change the way I go about the classes for next year’s batch as well as the exams. (But, I must admit that some of you were awesome.)

A reminder. For the Applied Phonetics and Communication Skills written exam, in the last section you might be asked to transcribe the passage to IPA apart for marking stress and intonation and dividing the tone groups. You need not transcribe it. But do mark the stress, tone groups and intonation.

I wish you all the best for the Psychology practical exam as well as the written exams ahead.

Take care.


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