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Thursday, January 05, 2006

III JPEng, FEP notice

Notice to III FEP and JPEng Students

The remaining essays will be taken up in the following order.

The Politics of Failure - 1 hr
On the Abolition of the (sic) English Department - 1 hr
Minutes on Indian Education - 1 hr
Interrogating the Post-Colonial 2 hr
Shall We Leave it to the Experts 2 hrs
Why I am not a Hindu - 1 hr
Marxist Criticism - 3 hrs

All classes will be lecture-cum-discussion based. Hence, please come to class having read the essays.
04.Jan 2006

II BCom 'A' IV Sem Assignment

IV Semester CIA Assignments

CIA-3: Topic: English spoken in Christ College Campus. The analysis may be based on usage, preferred words, slangs, accents, mannerisms that go with certain expression, expressions, mother tongue influences, pronunciation etc.

Evaluation Criteria: Quality of the analysis, presentation, language, creativity.
Date for submission: January 12, 2006

Guidelines for Submission:
• All students should post it on my blog A hard copy of the assignment may also may be submitted.
• Please post your assignments at the end of your assignment notice on the blog. Please sign in as anonymous. Remember to type your Full Name, Register No and date of posting.
• The covering sheet of the hard copy assignment should have the following details: Name of the college, assignment code, assignment title, your name, Reg. no, name of the teacher in-charge and date of submission.
• You may use pictures, graphs and illustrations. Please write only on one side of the A4 size paper.
• You are free to take the assignment beyond the expected criteria. Such efforts will be appreciated.
• Do not submit the assignments prior to the date of submission unless you are going to be out of town
• Late submissions will be rejected.
• Avoid copying.
• Remember to give the reference at the end of your assignment of the books, articles and websites that you have referred to. The following pattern may be followed: Author’s name with the last name first, a period, name of the book underlined, a period, Place of Publication, colon, name of publication, year of publication, page no.
o E.g.: Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand, My Experiments with Truth, New Delhi: Penguin, 1998.
o In case of a website give the complete URL of the site referred to.
o If you are directly lifting some lines quote them. If you are using some idea write it in your words but acknowledge it.