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Friday, February 24, 2006

Applied Phonetics II - Mid - Sem Practicals

Dept of Media Studies
Christ College, Bangalore
BA, II Semester
Communicative English Paper III - Applied Phonetics
Mid-semester Practical Examination

Practical Examination Pattern

Date of the examinination : 27 Feb 2006
Time : 9 to 11 am
Schedule : 9 to 9.30 am - Orientation
9.30 to 10.45 am - Part I
10.45 to 11 am - Part II
Venue: I will put up on the dept notice board on Monday morning.

Part A: 10 marks
Five sentences with proper stress and intonation to be read.
Note: The sentences will be either in regular English orthography or in IPA.

Part B: 10 marks
Students participate in any of the situational conversations given. The tasks can be either group or pair work
E.g. Meting your classmate after your II semester vacation.
Planning class picnic

Please note:
Be in the examination hall by 8.45 am
If you have any queries please direct them to Iffath who in turn will contact me.
Do prepare for both Part A and Part B.

24 Feb 2006 Anil Pinto

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Breaking Ties: Sarah Aboobacker chat session post

Following this the post of the Chat sesion I had with the final year students if Literature on Breaking Ties by Sarah Aboobacker. It was largely a voice chat where I spoke about the novel for some time and then there was quite a good interactive voice chat. While I made my presetnations the participants kept typing the feelings and reactions either with words or emoticoms. Since much of the chat happed over voice the following transcript does not include the fullfledged discussions we had. It was an experiments and a memorable one for me. I sure so was it for the participants. The entire chat session lasted for about three hours.

Please check the following link for pointer on Breaking Ties.

vidya_b2: hehe
prathyusha bv: movie
sorrysaranya_blj: but isnt the mus.persnl law in adherence to the shariate?
prathyusha bv: dunno
prathyusha bv: but i guessprathyusha bv: there must be somethin
vidya_b2: hasina??
prathyusha bv: is that good?
bhavnapadmanabhan: he says yes,
saranya.saranya_blj: okbhavnapadmanabhan: can you hear him?
vidya_b2: i heard it is
saranya_blj: which one school sir?Siddharth
Prakash: got it myself
prathyusha bv: hmm. coz we will understand better na
saranya_blj: oh ok that way. sunni u mean/
vidya_b2: yup
saranya_blj: ok
bhavnapadmanabhan: sir did you say 12?
vidya_b2: religion and its effect on women
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ...question...
prathyusha bv: ey vidya that day we were thinkin no..feminism and rang de..
saranya_blj: is it also to be seen as sara abu becker's viewpoint as against the original?
vidya_b2: eh??? cant remeber
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ...question...
prathyusha bv: when the girls dont die and all
vidya_b2: max has q.. max speak up
vidya_b2: eh?
prathyusha bv: max q?
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ...q..
vidya_b2: question....
bhavnapadmanabhan: max ask your question
malyaban lahiri lahiri: the importance of the title "breaking ties"
vidya_b2: speak da
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok
bhavnapadmanabhan: right..and?
malyaban lahiri lahiri: she is breaking ties with : 1)antiquated society 2)conservative religion 3)male domination
saranya_blj: is it also to be seen as sara abu becker's viewpoint as against the original work?
prathyusha bv: too much
bhavnapadmanabhan: well, in the end of the book, she kills where is she breaking ties from all thet,max? she is breaking ties with life...dont you think?
malyaban lahiri lahiri: yes all these are sadly HER life
saranya_blj: life also isnt it
malyaban lahiri lahiri: egjactly
saranya_blj: k.... think i'm not visible anymore..
bhavnapadmanabhan: one second saranya
Siddharth Prakash: sir sir
Siddharth Prakash: .....
prathyusha bv: yeah
saranya_blj: wokayprathyusha bv: the only freedom she has
prathyusha bv: is supposed to be what she does
vidya_b2: sid... fep over u????
saranya_blj: is it also to be seen as sara abu becker's viewpoint as against the original work?
Siddharth Prakash: huh?
saranya_blj: ok ok yea sir
malyaban lahiri lahiri: she is the translator sid
vidya_b2: eh?
prathyusha bv: translator?
saranya_blj: no vanamnala
malyaban lahiri lahiri: wrong
saranya_blj: vanamala viswanath
anil: vanamala viswanath
anil: a
malyaban lahiri lahiri: vanamnala vishwanath- translator
anil: Sara Aboobacker
bhavnapadmanabhan: vanamala vishwanatha is the translator. writer is sara abu backer
vidya_b2: spellings
prathyusha bv: double oo
bhavnapadmanabhan: sorry double oo
vidya_b2: bun i m shocked
vidya_b2: !!!!!
bhavnapadmanabhan: sorry moi!!
Siddharth Prakash: hello aunty !!!!
vidya_b2: stop showing off
prathyusha bv:
vidya_b2: okieeee
saranya_blj: is thent the decision of suicide sort of justifying certain aspects of the shariate which needs amendments
Siddharth Prakash: ??????????
vidya_b2: ???????????????
saranya_blj: ok
bhavnapadmanabhan: meaning by committing suicide she has given superiority to the sharaiate?
prathyusha bv: isnt her suicide supposed to be the only freedom she has
saranya_blj: last part ???
vidya_b2: its her way of freedom
vidya_b2: aint it?
bhavnapadmanabhan: by who?
saranya_blj: or is it merely conforming?
malyaban lahiri lahiri: no not conforming i guess
vidya_b2: escaping rather
malyaban lahiri lahiri: yeah
prathyusha bv: considering the society is not giving her any other freedom
saranya_blj: ya actually escaping
prathyusha bv: the sucide
saranya_blj: how can suicide be a challenge?
malyaban lahiri lahiri: sir , how can death be a way of challenging?
prathyusha bv: taking her life is
saranya_blj: yeah max!!! like thought
malyaban lahiri lahiri: thats what is escapism da
prathyusha bv: her right over her life
malyaban lahiri lahiri: yeahvidya_b2: the law is the reason for the loss of a life....
bhavnapadmanabhan: oh gandhi..ok go on please
saranya_blj: asserting rights at the cost of leaving stuff unanswered?/
bhavnapadmanabhan: unhuh
bhavnapadmanabhan: yup
bhavnapadmanabhan: mandal commission
malyaban lahiri lahiri: yeah
saranya_blj: but this suicide was not of that magnitude or on a platform such as that
vidya_b2: ess
prathyusha bv: thats what
prathyusha bv: she is saying that you can control my lifeprathyusha
bv: but i still have freedom
malyaban lahiri lahiri: sir fine, by dying she broke ties with the society and all but in the process she proved herself to be A VICTIM rather than a challenger
saranya_blj: agree with u max
malyaban lahiri lahiri:
bhavnapadmanabhan: sir fine, by dying she broke ties with the society and all but in the process she proved herself to be A VICTIM rather than a challenger i agree with him

prathyusha bv: see the thing is
prathyusha bv: the kind of suicide is differrent
vidya_b2: she challenged if the law is the right way if it is actually forcing her to escape it in that manner
bhavnapadmanabhan: shaken,not stirred!! he he he
prathyusha bv: like a sucide bomber.. u cant say he s defeated in life
malyaban lahiri lahiri: hehehe
vidya_b2: ess ess
prathyusha bv: bond
prathyusha bv: vidya_b2: i agree
saranya_blj: its almost qualifying suicide as a defence to a victimising law
malyaban lahiri lahiri: exactly
saranya_blj: what did pratz say?
prathyusha bv: the reason for suicide makes the difference
saranya_blj: ok ok
Siddharth Prakash: okay i've lost the voice
vidya_b2: is neveille still there.....
vidya_b2: he awfully quite
bhavnapadmanabhan: yup e is there
bhavnapadmanabhan: Sid, connect again
Siddharth Prakash: i don't think he's listening though
vidya_b2: ess
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ya ya... thastwhatcrazy_deville: yea..m

herecrazy_deville: m lisninvidya_b2: jus checkin....
prathyusha bv: yessaranya_blj: yes sir they're
vidya_b2: is the story of hasina.... any way close to this?
snehashaj has joined the conference.
saranya_blj: not really
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ...question...
vidya_b2: yelllo sneha

saranya_blj: hasina's problem was with lost husband
prathyusha bv: max q?
malyaban lahiri lahiri: yes
vidya_b2: ok
malyaban lahiri lahiri: Attack on the establishement without trying to hurt the religious hierarchy
snehashaj: cant get a head phone!so cant hear
bhavnapadmanabhan: uhoh...
bhavnapadmanabhan: sneha, are you sure?
bhavnapadmanabhan: speakers not working?
vidya_b2: ayyo
papasaranya_blj: isnt it an attack on the law rather than the protectors or makers
snehashaj: that i cant get a head phone?yes i am!!!
bhavnapadmanabhan: i think the protectors will take offense anyway
saranya_blj: true!!
malyaban lahiri lahiri: yeah they will... i agree
saranya_blj: like even smthn as minor as the depiction of pr,md by that paper
bhavnapadmanabhan: i wonder how much offense they actually took when the book released
malyaban lahiri lahiri: hmmm...thats interesting
saranya_blj: wonder if they noticed if the book was written
bhavnapadmanabhan: good one!!
vidya_b2: hehe
bhavnapadmanabhan: ey vodya, decrease font size

saranya_blj: within the community?
bhavnapadmanabhan: meant vidya sorry
prathyusha bv: whats with font size
snehashaj: er....guess this is too much on my part but can some one catch me up on wats happening here please???kinda feeling lost!

saranya_blj: any insights on reations of others? govt for ex?
bhavnapadmanabhan: can you hear us?
saranya_blj: reactionvidya_b2: sheha class almost over
vidya_b2: attendeance
vidya_b2: girl
bhavnapadmanabhan: vidya decrease font size yaar please
vidya_b2: ok
saranya_blj: my attendance too
snehashaj: no da!without a head phone hw do u think i can????
vidya_b2: sneha my attendance
bhavnapadmanabhan: hold on one second then
Siddharth Prakash: okay folks i need to push off cause i can't hear the voice anymore
saranya_blj: sneha go on to a comp with a headfone
snehashaj: i tought this thing was over...completely messed the time man!

malyaban lahiri lahiri: sneha my attendance too
malyaban lahiri lahiri: 22
Siddharth Prakash: 12
crazy_deville: =Neville
anil: sneha take everybody's attendance and mail it to me.
prathyusha bv: 33
saranya_blj: 2438
bhavnapadmanabhan: ey she is not really taking attendance!!
vidya_b2: 42
bhavnapadmanabhan: is she?
vidya_b2: 42
bhavnapadmanabhan: max wait im asking sir!!
saranya_blj: she who?
snehashaj: aiyo!!!!!people!!!!which part of i cant get one do u not understand?????
vidya_b2: don worry
bhavnapadmanabhan: ah i cant hear anything anymore
snehashaj: @ sir...okay...but i can see only 8 ppl on line...
saranya_blj: point, dont worry i'lll summarise for u when we meet
anil: I will post this chat on my blog. Those who wish to get attendance can post thei commetns today it self.

Siddharth Prakash: okay i'll take attendance ................
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok ok coolanil: for those who are absent
anil: you many sms tem
Siddharth Prakash: super !
bhavnapadmanabhan: okie
malyaban lahiri lahiri:
vidya_b2: 42, 42, 42
malyaban lahiri lahiri: 22
crazy_deville: =Neville. roll number 10
saranya_blj: even thgose who participated need to post comments on ur blog?
anil: Also please chat or mail me your expereine of such a cahat
snehashaj: okie! vids got it!!!!
bhavnapadmanabhan: ey vidz just go read his blog and post a comment thats all, you will egt attendance.
anil: i will put it on blog
malyaban lahiri lahiri: 22
prathyusha bv: 33

vidya_b2: o .... ok
anil: I will be refeeing to this
crazy_deville: its an awesome i shud have been onlin earlier
saranya_blj: just attendance anxiety sir
malyaban lahiri lahiri: will do sir...
anil: hjistory /herstory has been create
anil: ??
snehashaj: max!dude i can here u da!next cubicle
malyaban lahiri lahiri: yes i guess
bhavnapadmanabhan: i think its a fantastic idea..if only more people had come..
vidya_b2: hehe
Siddharth Prakash: hahahahah
prathyusha bv:
vidya_b2: wat a class
crazy_deville: lol!
vidya_b2: vidya_b2:
malyaban lahiri lahiri: we r part of HISTORY

saranya_blj: the concept is great sir provided with more people with more speakers
crazy_deville: enthusiastically cheers for anil pinto
anil: bhavnapadmanabhan: er?
prathyusha bv: sir if u keep the mouse on it then
bhavnapadmanabhan: sir feeling sick?
vidya_b2: waaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!
Siddharth Prakash: totally yuck
prathyusha bv: u can see the meaning appear
Siddharth Prakash: i like that
saranya_blj: thats jealousy max.... greeen u see
snehashaj: yes speakers being the operative word round here!
Siddharth Prakash:

crazy_deville: flirts with
malyaban lahiri lahiri: GREAT
vidya_b2: oye
saranya_blj: THIS CHAT?
crazy_deville: lol
bhavnapadmanabhan: so are we done,sir?
malyaban lahiri lahiri: FRESH
snehashaj: huh?????
Siddharth Prakash: ok then
crazy_deville: asks anil pinto "Do you Yahoo?"

Siddharth Prakash: we r done
Siddharth Prakash: vidya_b2: neville!!!!
bhavnapadmanabhan: ha ha sid. grow up!!
vidya_b2: jude!!!!
bhavnapadmanabhan: SIR ARE WE DONE???
saranya_blj: unique exxperience sir! this chat though wasnt like class but it did take literature to another level PM rules

crazy_deville: was jus checkin these yahoo toolbars
anil: if you have no quesitno/ comments we are done
bhavnapadmanabhan: YEY!!!
vidya_b2: so nice
malyaban lahiri lahiri: no comments/q
anil: what s pm
prathyusha bv: pm?
saranya_blj: my turn to smiley
vidya_b2: pm?
saranya_blj: post modernism
bhavnapadmanabhan: so we come onto your blog later in the evening and post a comment and we get attendance?
malyaban lahiri lahiri: it was great to discuss lit. lik this
Siddharth Prakash: okay folks
anil: interestingly everybody interacted that doesnt hap[pen in class.
Siddharth Prakash: i'm taking off
crazy_deville: ok..m out of here!
vidya_b2: too much!!!!
anil: the best is tthis
Siddharth Prakash: ciao
malyaban lahiri lahiri: cyaa
vidya_b2: tataanil: bye sdidu
prathyusha bv: tat
crazy_deville: net bill is increasing
prathyusha bv: a
bhavnapadmanabhan: bye sid
Siddharth Prakash: tah tah
bhavnapadmanabhan: bye
devcrazy_deville: bye all!vidya_b2: for sid
Siddharth Prakash: for everyone
Siddharth Prakash:
crazy_deville: bye sir
saranya_blj: ok guys c ya,,, and pls remember to come home on sunday the 26th,
crazy_deville: thx
vidya_b2: and jude
crazy_deville: yup! cya vid
scrazy_deville: bye all!
vidya_b2: will do sir
crazy_deville: bye bye bye
bhavnapadmanabhan: sir i have doubt
Neville de Conceicao has left the conference.
anil: go0 anil: agea
anil: ahead
saranya_blj: will do sir,,, bye, was tuff but unique. bye
snehashaj: okie ppl guess i made it just in time for class!
vidya_b2: ya
bhavnapadmanabhan: so we have to comment on your blog to get attendance?

vidya_b2: just got overanil: i think you bneed to upgrage your messanger
saranya_blj: u beat me in keepin time sneha
malyaban lahiri lahiri: we will tell u the points sneha...dnt worry
snehashaj: vids realised thatanil: no only those who are absent]
vidya_b2: eh?
Siddharth Prakash: hello ?
Siddharth Prakash:
snehashaj: max ha ha...worry??me????
bhavnapadmanabhan: ok i will let everyone know. thank you sir. this idea was absolutely great
prathyusha bv: helloanil: Thabkss Bhavana foi rcoming early and coordinating teh caht

malyaban lahiri lahiri: sir.... we leave??
snehashaj: a couple of confused hellos here!
saranya_blj: maxxxxxxxxxxxx come home on sunday for lunch, vidz,pratz,sneha, bhav all u da

malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok will do.........
malyaban lahiri lahiri: will come
bhavnapadmanabhan: hope we win. ok guys, im signing off..
malyaban lahiri lahiri: bbye
bhavsbhavnapadmanabhan: bye everyone.
vidya_b2: hey don forhet tomom grafiiti day
prathyusha bv: hey jp dont forget graffiti tmrw
prathyusha bv: vidya
vidya_b2: ujju too much
saranya_blj: bye all
bhavnapadmanabhan: i remember. thanks girls.
prathyusha bv: family!!anil: ok thannk ou guys for making this possible
vidya_b2: too much
bhavnapadmanabhan: have a nice evening. see you guys tomorrow
vidya_b2: ur welcome
malyaban lahiri lahiri: we loved it sir
malyaban lahiri lahiri: now worries
vidya_b2: tata everyone
saranya_blj: u're welcome sir, we liked it
prathyusha bv: great class sir
bhavnapadmanabhan: thank you sir. congratulations. we were part of history!!!
saranya_blj: made us feel executive kinds already
snehashaj: okie guys i'm off too
bhavnapadmanabhan: bbye
prathyusha bv: tata

bhavnapadmanabhan: g'nite~
snehashaj: ta ta!have a gud sunday eve
bhavnapadmanabhan has left the conference.
malyaban lahiri lahiri: reminds of an article i had written n cnb- when other colleges make headlines christ will make history

anil: good one
anil: i like tianil: it
malyaban lahiri lahiri: thank u thank usnehashaj has left the conference.
anil: can i read it
saranya_blj: its ok think i'll type
saranya_blj: yes
malyaban lahiri lahiri: the lunch is next sunday?
vidya_b2 has left the conference.
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok
malyaban lahiri lahiri: great
prathyusha bv: bey all
prathyusha bv: *bye
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok sir.. when we r celebrating this creation of history???
malyaban lahiri lahiri: bbyesaranya_blj: c u there doc coming too. jhadu pocha
anil: whos sponsoring it
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok ok bbyeanil: due?anil: dude?
malyaban lahiri lahiri: yes sir
prathyusha bv has left the conference.
saranya_blj: done
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok done
malyaban lahiri lahiri: sir........
saranya_blj: what about saranya
malyaban lahiri lahiri: how r we celebrating???
anil: you tell

memalyaban lahiri lahiri: its ur call sir..... u r the initiator of thisanil: wakey malyaben
saranya_blj: sir its lunch at my place, u can join too if ure free of evaluation hasslez
anil: this wakey is for hte messaghe ton the other chat

saranya_blj: thats wokay sir\
malyaban lahiri lahiri: that wont let sir spend!!!!!!!!!
malyaban lahiri lahiri:
malyaban lahiri lahiri: lol
anil: saranay when where
malyaban lahiri lahiri: hahahahahahahahaanil: whay
anil: whs
malyaban lahiri lahiri: sir u put on ur voice chat
saranya_blj: home my place, coming sunday sir
saranya_blj: its at horamavu
anil: can u hear
memalyaban lahiri lahiri: whats that??
malyaban lahiri lahiri: horamavu???
saranya_blj: no sir
malyaban lahiri lahiri: no sir
saranya_blj: thats where i live max
malyaban lahiri lahiri: eh??
saranya_blj: wil msg u the address

malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok ok kewlsaranya_blj: dont even try pronouncin it
malyaban lahiri lahiri: sir u there????
saranya_blj: ok
saranya_blj: happy
malyaban lahiri lahiri: menu???
anil: yea i amsaranya_blj: authentic south india patthe ka khaana
malyaban lahiri lahiri: put on ur voice chat sir
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ooohhhhhhhhhhh
malyaban lahiri lahiri: cooolll
malyaban lahiri lahiri: love it
malyaban lahiri lahiri: but i will keep eaing ok????

saranya_blj: yaaaaa specially u n sk in mind 4 the menu
malyaban lahiri lahiri: eating
anil: i an on
malyaban lahiri lahiri: was that a compliment orrrrrrrrrrrrr..................
malyaban lahiri lahiri:

saranya_blj: was that msg 4 me?
saranya_blj: yes da twas a compliment
malyaban lahiri lahiri: yes baby.... hahahahaha
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok ok good girl
malyaban lahiri lahiri: sir can u hear me??
saranya_blj: told mom that a bong is comin over too

malyaban lahiri lahiri: what????????
malyaban lahiri lahiri: i will kill u 2mrwanil: on chatanil: voice
saranya_blj: her biradri, she was in cal durin her childhoodanil: gh

malyaban lahiri lahiri: yaaaaa
saranya_blj: max cut voice stick to typin
malyaban lahiri lahiri: great
saranya_blj: anythging specific u want on table>? rasam is in already
malyaban lahiri lahiri: oooh cooolanil: hi
malyaban lahiri lahiri: lots of hoooot pickle
saranya_blj: avial, one sweet dish, sambar n paapad and PICKLEmalyaban lahiri lahiri: kool.... hey hey
malyaban lahiri lahiri: daaal????
anil: says i mnot authoreise max
saranya_blj: SAAMBAAR NOT DAL
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok
malyaban lahiri lahiri: rice??
malyaban lahiri lahiri: authoreise???malyaban lahiri lahiri: sir i dint get u
malyaban lahiri lahiri: cudnt hear anything
malyaban lahiri lahiri: good good
malyaban lahiri lahiri: i can already smell it
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok sharanya... bbye for now
malyaban lahiri lahiri: i dint have any food today
saranya_blj: K then c ya in coll will go now, got psycho records to submit to jk, u;ll taste it soon buddy
malyaban lahiri lahiri: will have soke
malyaban lahiri lahiri: soem food
saranya_blj: why no food?
saranya_blj: go eat da, i'll serve extra anyways on sunday 4 u
anil: i can hear both of yoiu
malyaban lahiri lahiri: hehe.. looking forward to it
malyaban lahiri lahiri: ok
saranya_blj: bye
malyaban lahiri lahiri has left the conference.
saranya_blj has left the conference.

Breaking Ties by Sara Aboobacker : Pointers

Here are some of the the pointers on Sara Aboobacker's first novel Breaking Ties. This is first novel b y a Muslim woman writer in Kannada. The novel is translated by Vanamala Vishwanatha.

-context of production and reception of the novel at two levels
-Title: politics
- native vocabulary idiom of Kannada retained
- Critiqe of patriarchy in Muslim society and by extention in all societies, esp semetic
- Imp. imagery: weaving coconut fronds
- Within the novel genre it belongs to the realist mode of narration and melodramatic/ has a tone/ narrtive style that was typical in the 70's and 80's in the so called 'women's popular fiction'
- She was commissioned to write this novel by Lankesh at the age of 42 and it's her first work!
- Important names : Fatimma, Nadira, Jameela, Mohammed khan, Rashid, New House Selim, Sheik Ali, Jabbar of the banana plantation
Modernity is shown as the ennobling factor especially through modern eduction ie learing to read and write
- Attack on the establishement without trying to hurt the religious hierarchy. A pattern that can be seen even in Kasaravalli's "Hasina"
- Diffirent purposes of marriage. 1. companionship 2. To satify sexual needs 3. Societal expectations 3. To look after the household 4. For family security esp finacial 5 security in oldage
- Religion - ritualistic
- Economic situation directly responsible for much of what happens in the novel. REad Poverty

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

FEP II Sem Assignment

I BA FEP Semester II

Optional English Assignment – II

Translate a poem or a short story from your mother tongue to English. Give the name of the poet/writer. Give a report in about 100 words of the difficulties you faced while translating.

Date of submission: 3 Mar 2006

Guidelines for Submission:

· Although there is no word limit try and limit the entire exercise to maximum of five written pages

· You may also produce a printed copy in Times New Roman, 12 font size with 1½ line space.

· While submitting the translation please attach the original copy of the poem or the short story.

· The covering sheet of the assignment should have the following details: Name of the college, assignment code (CIA 2b), assignment title, your name, Reg. no, name of the teacher in-charge and date of submission.

· Please write/print you assignment only on one side of the A4 size paper.

· You are free to take the assignment beyond the expected criteria. Such efforts will be appreciated.

· Do not submit the assignments prior to the date of submission unless you are going to be out of town. Those who are going to be out of town can submit the assignments online. My email:

· Late submissions will be rejected.

· Avoid copying.

· Remember to give the reference at the end of your assignment of the books, articles and websites that you have referred to. The following pattern may be followed: Author’s name with the last name first, a period, name of the book underlined, a period, Place of Publication, colon, name of publication, year of publication, page no.

o E.g.: Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand, (1998) My Experiments with Truth, New Delhi: Penguin.

o In case of a website give the name of the writer, date of the publication/posting article, and the complete URL of the site referred to.

o If you are directly lifting some lines quote them. If you are using some idea write it in your own words but acknowledge it.

· In addition to submitting your assignment in hard copy you may also post your assignment at the end of assignment notice on my blog

Monday, February 13, 2006

IFEP Phonetics

Sorry Guys/gals

blogspot posting does not accept ipa font. I have displayed a copy on the notice board. Another copy is on my table.Those who wish to have a photocopy may do so.

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Two Old Men : I BCom D

The Two Old Men

Leo Tolstoy’s story, Two Old Men, deals with Elisha Bodrov and Efim, two old Russians and their pilgrimage to Jerusalem. The two set out on their much-awaited journey with initial hick ups. They pass through a number of villages and witness extreme conditions of human living. In one village Efim stays back to nurse a sick and dieing family back to health and in the process loses all his money. Unable to proceed further due to lack of money he returns, but with a sense of fulfilment. Elisha manages to visit the holy shrines but comes back without peace of mind.

The simple story is steeped in Christian ethos. One can read the teachings of Christ in the story: of helping the neighbours, seeing god in the fellow human being, doing the will of god than chanting his name, helping the needy, honesty and so on.

PS If you wish to post some comments, pose questions you are welcome.

A Noiseless Spider

A Noiseless Spider


The spider which is a subject in the first paragraph becomes metaphor in the second paragraph. It turns out to be the metaphor for the contemplation of poet’s own soul in search of connection with the divine (over soul) The common physical experience of watching a spieder weave its web, transforms into a spiritual one in the second stanza, typical of Walt Whitman. Note that the soul does not require the usual channels of pristocracy to reach the oversoul. It has to find its own channels. In addition, each soul must also find its own way of connecting. Transcendental philosophy to which Whitman subscribed to believed in intuitive knowledge/ability in reaching the divine/over soul.

PS: IF you wish to post some material in the comment section you are welcome. Your questions comments are also welcome.

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Certificate Course in SEmiotics

Department of Media Studies

Christ College, Bangalore


Certificate Course in Semiotics


Dr William R Da Silva

Dept of Mass Communication (PG Section)

Duration : 16 Hours

Dates : 10 – 20 February (Mon- Fri)

Time : 04.15 pm to 6.30 pm

Venue : Media Studies Lab

(Block II, Room 121)

For more details Contact: Anil Pinto, 9845891933

Semiotics: Semiotics is the science of signs. It deals with not only with the ‘explicit systems of communication such as language, the Morse Code, and traffic signs and signals but also a great diversity of human activities and productions – our bodily postures and gestures, the social rituals we perform, the clothes we wear, the meals we serve, the social ritual we perform, the clothes we wear, the meals we serve, the buildings we inhabit, the objects we deals with’, movies, advertisements and literature all of which function in diverse kinds of signifying systems.

The course will give a theoretical understanding of Semiotics and help the participants make semiotic analysis of cultural productions.

Dr William R Da Silva: Born in Mangalore taught at St Joseph’s Seminary, Mangalore, Mangalore University, Goa University, University of Hamburg, Germany, Osnabrook University, Germany, Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal. He was also on the staff seminar of London School of Economics. His academic work and research spans over Theology, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Literature, Linguistics, Translations, Communication and Media. He has written and translated over 40 books. Konkanni Bible translated from Original Hebrew and Greek is his magnum opus. It happens to be the only bible translated from original tongues in the Konkanni language. He has a rare feet of working on 16 languages. Currently he is the Director of Sandesha School of Konkanni Studies, Mangalore, Senior Professor, Dept of Communication (PG), Christ College, Bangalore, and Visiting Professor, Osnabrook University, Germany.

II Sem BBM MIdsem exam pattern

Christ College, Bangalore


II Semester


Time: 2hrs Max. Marks: 50

Part A

I. Answer any TWO questions in about 400 words. 2x10=20

Two out of four

II Answer any FOUR of the questions in about 200 words. 4x5=20

Four out of five

Part B

III. Paragraph writing 2x5=10

All Questions Compulsory



The First Meeting: Sujata Bhatt

Fuelled: Marcie Hans

I have a dream: Martin Luther King

Those People Next Door: A G Gardiner

Asleep : Earnst Jandl

Paragraph Writing

I FEP II Sem Mid Sem exam pattern

Christ College, Bangalore


II Semester

Applied Phonetics II

Time: 2hrs Max. Marks: 50

I. Transcribe the following words and mark the stress ½x20=10

II. Transcribe the following words and mark their syllable division ½x10=10

III. Rewrite the underlined words in the following sentences and mark the stress according to their function. ½x10=10

IV. Transcribe the following sentences, underline the weak forms and divide the tone groups and mark the intonation. 10x2=20

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Hi. All.
You have an essay type question on The Guide and a few short notes. To answer these questions you need to know concepts like modernity and colonialism, post colonialism. At least you should know what is modernity. I have posted a short write up on modernity. Please read and try to understand it. If you apply that explanation to what happens to and in Malgudi you have your answer.

There are also questions on Women’s writing in India by Susie Taru and K Lalitha and ‘Politics of Failure’ by SV Srinivas. I am posting my notes on ‘Politics of Failure’ on the blog. (Vicky, III FEP) typed them for you). My 12-page notes no Women’s writings was typed by Neha Doshi of I FEP but the floppy she gave me the material in doesn’t open. Let me try it again. However, I am leaving two photocopies of that notes on my table you may pick it photocopy and leave it back on my table for others to use. But I must warn you about my handwriting. Reading the manuscript can be injurious to your eyes and brain!

All the best gals and guys!

PS: Very sorry for the delay in posting. I had promised, esp. Shashank to put up the posting by 9 am. Due to the virus threat College has closed the net. I had to search for a cyber cafe. Posting now from Cyber cafe.
Modern, Modernism, Modernity: All these are different concepts. Modern at one level can be used as against traditional. For example: modern house. However, this concept can keep changing. A modern house today may become ancient, old, traditional 25-50 years from now.
Modernism was a reactionary movement especially in the realm of literature, art, architecture that occurred in the early 20 century. It radically questioned the traditional social organisation, morality and traditional concept of human self. E.g. Freud offers a new insight into human self as id, ego, and superego and unravels the libidinal self. Talks of the conscious and subconscious. This conception of man is different from the way religion or the evolution theory gave. DH Laurence talks to new sexual morality unknown to the west. Modernism was a reaction to modernity led by rationalism, scientific thinking etc.

: modernity was an outlook or frame of mind/thinking shaped by the rapid development in urbanisation, industrialisation, unprecedented development in science and technology that began in the eighteenth century. This is also called enlightenment thinking. Some of the important features of Enlightenment - liberal humanism, rationalism, belief in natural law, deep faith in scientific and technological progress, and linear and evolutionary understanding of history. (Liberal Humanism that we talk about in ‘Politics of Failure’ is a fall out of Enlightenment. The intellectual response or reactionary thinking fostered by enlightenment is Modernity.

Difference between Enlightenment and Modernity: Enlightenment is a philosophical or intellectual movement. Where as modernity is how enlightenment physically manifests in reality. E.g. When the British came to India they came with enlightenment philosophy which believed in rationalism etc (refer to the features of enlightenment mentioned in the previous paragraph) because of that modernity entered India. E.g. Urbanisation, happened, a linear history based on the western model was written which began with the so called Vedic period and ended with the British rule which said from the Vedic period to the British period history has been progressing, evolving. India has been gradually developing and so on. (Many of even today hold these beliefs)

Anil Pinto, Dept of Media Studies, Christ College, Banglaore

Politics of Failure

S. V Srinivas
-Liberal humanist project of English Departments of elite institutions
-Liberal humanism: A cultural – political position holding up the essential decency of human beings and which promotes democracy, individualism, tolerance, rationality. It glosses over inequalities and differences which are the result of socio-cultural conditions
-Theses English depts exclude and marginalise various categories – of people of texts, of theories. E.g.: for discrepancy between liberal, rhetoric and teaching practice : high failure rate in English courses especially SCST students
- High failure, high dropout converges of two histories :
English in colonial + post colonial India
Post independence education policies
Hence fostere elitism at the expense of primary education
-Purpose of Colonial English education-to create a small class of intermediaries who would then educate the ‘masses’ in the vernacular
-Power + prestige of English created academics and bureaucratic elite
-Postcolonial India. Eng still marker of privilege
-Accessibility to higher education has not increased for people. Governments have perpetuated this condition
-1986 education policy created rural elite
-Much of higher education funding by government goes to central universities
-English language available only to ‘exclusive public schools’ not govt schools.
-As a result Higher education is available only to those not compelled by their economic situation to seek employment
-Present system based on limited accessibility to higher education- compared to the number of students possessing minimum qualification. M.A 50% + required + toppers in entrance test. All this truly selects meritorious students.
-Limited access higher education, ‘merit and excellence’ of individual students + ‘high standards’ of institution a suspect. It shifts states responsibility of its failure in making education more widely available to disadvantaged students. The latter are blamed for their ‘lack of competence’ or lack of interest. In the process, government is absolved of blame for its inadequacy but seen as engaged in positive task of promoting talent and higher standards.
-SC/ST reservation rendered useless by insistence on high standards + hostility of upper class teachers and their administration.
-Obstruction offered to the acquisition of ‘knowledge’ in the discipline by using alienating texts and uncongenial classroom methods. This closes several career options to disadvantaged students like faculty positions. Reserved quota not filled due to non-availability of candidates. This keeps higher education in bureaucratic hands.
-Successful students are to take the blame. The investment is constant despite strength. Successful students internalise the institutions version of individuals excellence and merit and categorise the unsuccessful as ‘uninterested’ or ‘lacking in initiative’
-Legitimate demands of the adversely affected students ignored and few attempts are made to find workable solutions to the problem.
-To break the cycle of exclusion and domination, thus characterises failure. Student should make a sustained intervention.
-Change from within by students who resist authoritarian pedagogies+ teachers of administrators who have to resist their own will to power.
-Shouldn’t our nation prosper.
-Failure not ‘natural’ because of lack of interest but ‘politics’(-power struggle)

Anil Pinto