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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Format for the Minor Thesis

I FEP Students

The Format for the Minor Thesis

Cover page (Same as title page)

  1. Title page (Do not mention the page number)
  2. Student, guide declaration
  3. Acknowledgement
  4. Content (Do not number)
  5. List of Illustrations (if necessary)

  1. Chapter I - Introduction
  2. Chapter II – Objectives and Methodology ( also mention the limitations)
  3. Chapter III – Analysis, Discussion
  4. Chapter IV - Conclusion
  5. Bibliography
  6. Appendices( if necessary, like questionnaire model in the case of a survey)


  1. You may have a fifth chapter if the discussion requires more than one chapter.
  2. Limitation in Chapter 2 refers to the limitation you would like to put for your research regarding the scope, area covering etc. This chapter can be one or two pages.
  3. The entire report should be printed in black ink.
  4. Photographs, graphs can be use, if necessary. But do not use them for the sake of using them
  5. Print on one side of the paper
  6. Justify (alignment) the complete text of the report
  7. Do not use footnotes. Use only endnotes.
  8. Use 1.5 spacing

Other instruction regarding the printing format of the report

Font size of the title: 22, do not make it bold

Font size of the name and reg. no : 16

Font size of the other matter on the title page :16

Font size of the “Acknowledgement” and “Title” 16 in Capital. Do not make it bold

Font size of the text 14

Line spacing 1.5

Text margins: left-hand side- 1.25 cm, top- 1, right-1, bottom-1


I hereby declare that this minor thesis entitled (Title) ___________________________submitted to Department of Media Studies, Christ College, as part of the Writing Skills paper of Communicative English (vocational) Course, is a record of the original research work done by me under the guidance of (Name of the teacher-in-charge) _______________, Lecturer, Department of Media Studies, Christ College, Bangalore and that this work has not been submitted for any other award of degree, diploma or grants.


Anil Pinto Abhishek

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