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Saturday, March 24, 2007

II FEP Summer interniship

(The note was prepared by Abhaya. I have made slight modifications to it.)

You can do your internship in one of the following fields:

Radio: AIR, FM
Television: CNN-IBN, NDTV, local channels,
Film production units - production side or script writing
Advertising agencies: client servicing or creative dept
Public relations: you get more exposure in a govt organisation like KPTCL, BWSSAB etc. private organisations are not ruled out.
Event management firms


If you are going for magazine-print- prefer the design dept - page design - as you have got exposure in newspaper in the last internship

What do you have to keep in mind while working:
Keep every piece of paper you work on
The notes you take down while doing research
Make notes to prepare questionnaires
Any notes taken in a meeting

In some cases the final product may not be given to the intern; explain to your mentor in the organisation that the product/article/script will not be used for any profitable purposes and you need evidence of your work for the report. If not the entire corpus of the work get some samples. Attest those samples - either signature of your mentor or seal of the organisation

IMP: Get a letter from the organisation before you leave.

During research documentation is important:
Books: title of the book, name of the author, name of the publishing place, publishing house, year of the publication
Journals: title of the article, name of the author, title of the journal, volume no, issue no, year
Web: title, author, date of publication, date of access, URL

Collect the diary from the dept. Pay Rs.30 in the office, show the receipt and collect the diary.

Keep in touch with your guide regularly, at least once a week. You have the option of interning at the place of your choice. You need not search only in Bangalore. If you are working outside inform your guide, collect the email id and give yours so that you get reminders.

All the best. Enjoy yourselves.

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