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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Minor Thesis/ viva IFEP

Spoke to Solomon about the minor theses. He was very impressed and spoke very highly about the class. Some of the works theses were just amazing. I personally felt we were wasting our time given your abilities. I think you need to be challenged far beyond. What we now do must be child play for you.


yashas said...

oh my gosh sir!!!!!
u call this child play????
bt my take is that not that we are not interested sir, the point is ..... at a point of time we'll be jobless completely and at a point of time we'll be loaded, we would be more than happy if the dept speaks within itself and not bomb us with work once and for all, ... am bringing this up behalf of the whole class for the benifit of both sir(teacher and the student)//// coz if u gibve us one at a time, we'll be able to give our i think we just rushed thru things and were tooo frustrated abt the time factor and just wanted it to get done with ma request is that pls do not make it the same frm the next sem...wat say mates!?!?!?
even u'll be satisfied with our work then sir!!!!!

Anil Pinto said...

Sure Yash I shall put this across when the dept meets to plan for the year 2007-08 in June. If you could remind me in June I will be grateful. Also if you and your friends wish to give some sort of a wish list/action plan for teachers it will give us better idea of what you people want and how you want things to unfold themselves.

Nehal said...

I don't think it was as hard as others make it out to be, like Yashas said, it just wasn't spread out well. If given the time, I'm sure we can do better, more serious work.

workhard said...
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