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Monday, December 31, 2007

Cultural Studies Student Presentation

Sejal – Myth Today

Prerna – Introduction: Folk tales of India

Bharat – The postmodern condition

Dhivya – Ideology

Lijoy – Femininity – Masculinity

Aditya – Legal Identity and Culture

Ajay – Imagining the nation

Sudhanva – The Identity question

Amrita – Introduction from CS Reader 3rd edition

Sheena – Encoding – Decoding

Karuna – The metropolis &mental strife

Nivrithinath – Long bus rides

Glenn – Violence and Translation

Manju – Imagining the nation

Divya – Hyper Architecture

Sinto Mon – The face of the future

B Chacko – Everyday Surveillance: ID cards…

Anu – Blind Intelligence

Thomas – Surveillance after Sep 11, 2001

Ignatius F – The back and white (and grey) of copyright

Aivinor - Urban Transformation & Media Piracy

Prashanth – Obscenity decency and morality

Vineet – Screen Culture

Lily – Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema

Noby - Urban Action Films

Marina S – Introduction: Indian Popular Cinema as Slum’s…

James – Cine-politics: On the political Significance of Cinema …

Sera Kim – Cyberculture

Harina – Postmodern Virtualities

Jeevan – The network society and organizational change

Rahul M – Identity in the Network Society

Rahul Giri – Thinking Cyber Subjectivity: Ideology and the subject

Nelson – The Network Society and Organizational change

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