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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bibliography writing


Recording Essential Publication Information
1. Authors full name (last name first)
2. Full title (including subtitle)
3. Edition (if the book is a second or later numbered edition or a revised edition)
4. Number of volume and total number of volumes (if the book is a multivolume work)
5. City/place of publication
6. Shortened form of the publishers name
7. Year of publication
Budden, Julian. The Operas of Verdi. Rev. ed. 3 vols. Oxford: Claredon, 1992.

Article in a scholarly journal
1. Authors full name (last name first)
2. Title of the article (including subtitle)
3. Title of the journal
4. Volume number
5. Year of publication
6. Inclusive page of the article (i.e. the number of the page on which the article begins, a hyphen, and the number of the page on which the article ends)
Frith, Simon. “The Black Box: The Value of Television and the future of Television
Research.” Screen 41 (2000):33-50.

Newspaper or magazine article
1. Authors full name (last name first)
2. Title of the article
3. Title of the periodical
4. Date of publication
5. Inclusive page of the article

Hoover, Eric. “New Attacks on Early Decision.” Chronicle of Higher Education 11 Jan. 2002: A45-46.

Internet resource:
1. Author’s full name
2. Title of the document
3. Full information about any previous or simultaneous publication in print form
4. Title of the scholarly project, database, periodical, or professional or personal site.
5. Name of the editor of the scholarly project or database
6. Date of electronic publication or last update
7. Name of the institution or organization sponsoring or associated with the site
8. Date when you accessed the source
9. Network address, or URL

Bitel, Lisa M. “St . Brigit of Ireland: From Virgin Saint to Fertility Goddess.” Matrix. Ed. Katherine Gill and Bitel. Feb. 2001. Boston Coll. 23 Jan. 2002 .

Single author
Anderson, Benedict. Imagined Communities. London: Verso, 1991.

Edited book
Baker, Mona. ed. The Routledge Encyclopaedia of Translation Studies. London/ New York: Routledge, 1998.

Two authors
Bassnett, Susan, and Harish Trivedi. eds. Post-colonial Translation: Theory and Practice. London: Routledge, 1999.

More than three authors
Gilman, Sander, et al. Hysteria beyond Freud. Berkeley: U of California P, 1993.

Two books by the same author
Durant, Will, and Ariel Durant. The Age of Voltaire. New York: Simon, 1965.
---. A Dual Autobiography. New York: Simon, 1977.

Work in an anthology
Allende, Isabel. “Toad’s Mouth.” Trans. Margaret Sayers Peden. A Hammock beneath the Mangoes: Stories from Latin America. Ed. Thomas Colchie.

Dictionary ref.
“Noon.” The Oxford English Dictionary. 2nd ed. 1989.

Encyclopaedia ref
“Mandarin.” The Encyclopaedia Americana. 1994. ed.

An edition
Austen, Jane. Sense and Sensibility. Ed. Claudia Johnson. New York: Norton, 2001.

Second or subsequent edition
Bonderella, Peter. Italian Cinema: From Neorealism to the Present. 3rd ed. New York: Continuum, 2001.

A Film
It’s a Wonderful Life. Dir. Frank Capra. Perf. James Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore, and Thomas Mitchell.

A Performance
Hamlet. By William Shakespeare. Dir. John Gielgud. Perf. Richard Burton. Shubert Theatre, Boston. 4 Mar. 1964.

Musical composition
Beethoven, Ludwig van. Symphony no. 7 in A, op. 92.
A painting, sculpture or photograph
Rembrandt van Rijn. Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

A cartoon or comic strip
Chast, Roz. Cartoon. New Yorker 4 Feb. 2002:53.

Online source
“Fresco Paintings” Encyclopaedia Britannica Online. 2002. Encyclopaedia Britannica. 8 May 2002

“Ibn Hamdis.” Encyclopaedia of Islam. CD-ROM. Leiden: Brill, 1999.


Notes share the same information with bibliography but in different form with four main divisions: The author’s name in normal order, followed by a comma; the title; the publication data in parentheses; and a page reference. There is a period only at the end. Notes are numbered consecutively.

1. Debora Tannen, You Just Don’t Understand: Women and Men in Conversation (New York: Morrow, 1990) 52.

1. Bibliography is written in the alphabetical order.
2. I have taken most of the examples and explanations from MLA Handbook, 6th edition. If you have any further doubts you may please consult the book or get back to me.
3. If you find any mistakes, as they are likely to be there since I typed them myself, please inform me via email.

This is one useful thing you will have leant at the College.
If you find it useful even after you are done with this paper or later in life, do drop a line to tell me so. I will be happy.

Anil Pinto
05 October 2007

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