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Monday, January 07, 2008

Certificate Course in Introduction to Cultural Studies


Certificate Course in Introduction to Cultural Studies

Duration: Jan to early March

First Class on 12 Jan 2008

Time: 2 pm

Venue: Room 109

You can take the course along with other certificate courses

if it does not clash.

For Further information

Contact: Naresh Rao, or Anil Pinto - Dept of Media Studies

Mail to: anil.pinto at


Introduction to Cultural Studies

General Introduction:

Cultural Studies is an emerging area of research and teaching that brings in new perspectives to the study of culture and society.

Topic titles:

The paper covers ten topics, listed below. Each topic requires the student to log on to the course material and also do the required exercises, which will be discussed during the contact programme. The following are the titles of the lessons. The course begins with the introductory session on 12.01.08.

1. The Concept of Culture 12.01.08 Introduction and Registration – Anup Kumar Dhar and Zainab Bawa

2. Cultural Studies 19.01.08 Ashwin Kumar AP

3. Theorizing Culture 25.0108 Zainab Bawa

4. Orientalism 02.02.08 Nitya Vasudevan

• 5. Uses of History in Contemporary India 09.02.08 Ashwin Kumar AP

5.. Imagining the Nation 15.02.08 Nitya Vasudevan

7. The Identity Question 16.02.08 Zainab Bawa

8. Femininity – Masculinity 22.02.08 Nitya Vasudevan

• 9 .The Country and the City 23.02.08 Nishant Shah

• 10. Legal Identity and Culture 01.03.08 Geetanjali Srikantan

2 Day Workshop on ‘Cultural Studies’ at CSCS on the 8th and the 9th of March (10 am – 6 pm):

Possible Speakers: Tejaswini Niranjana
Vivek Dhareshwar
S. V. Srinivas
Ashish Rajadhyaksha
Sitharamam Kakarala
Rochelle Pinto
Prasanta Chakravarty
Sruti Chaganti

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