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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Screen Play writing / Film Analysis Homework / Assignment 1

As mentioned in the class today when you come on next Sunday please come with the following work done.

1. Pick two favorite films
  • Identify the three acts
  • State protagonists state of mind at the start of the story and state of mind at the end of the story.
Example to get you going - Casablance: A tough American expatriate rediscovers an old flame only to give her up so that he can fight the Nazis.

2. Identify a couple of sequences within a film
  • Describe them
  • Identify character values at start and end (talk about state of mind)

3. Pick a film and identity at least three to four elements of the seven steps form within it.

4. Describe an antagonist (from a film or book) that fascinates you. Explain why.

For any clarification please mail to Darshin Naidu on <darshscript at>.


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