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Thursday, March 06, 2008



Guidelines for the group assigned to me:

  • Prepare a proposal in about 100 words and email it to me. The proposal should include name and address of the newspaper where you would be doing your internship, a brief write up on that newspaper, reasons for your choice of that particular newspaper, your plans during the internship and your opinion on how the internship will help you develop as an effective media person. The proposal should reach me on or before 15 March 2008.
  • You are to collect a diary from Mr Kennedy by showing the receipt for Rs 30 paid at the admission office. Make entries into the diary on day-to-day basis. Your diary entries should include the assignments you were given, details of how you went about doing the assignments, new things you learnt about the field, about yourself and your abilities that day. After a few days, the diary entries will look similar, clichéd and monotonous. It is up to you to find newness and creativity in your internship everyday.
  • During your internship in the newspapers, try to get as many by-lines as possible. They will carry a lot of weight on your CV later. However, you will soon realise that it is not easy to get them. Most of the time the news briefs or news stories that you write will be published under the title ‘From our staff correspondent’ or ‘_____ News Network.’ Do not lose heart.
  • Try to build as many contacts as possible both within the organisation and with people you meet in the field. You will realise the value of it during the internship and later as you try to climb the professional and social ladder.
  • Try and do challenging news stories or features. See if you can come up with your own topics for features or news stories. Remember journalism is literature in a hurry and has a very short life span. Therefore, timeliness of an article or news is the most crucial value that will prove your talent and ability. Your genius is not what will make you valuable but your consistency.
  • Compile the copies of your published works regularly, be they briefs, news stories or features in a file. You will have to submit them along with your on-the-job reports when the college reopens.
  • If you want some guidance, want to share your success or failure feel free to email me anytime

06 March 2008 Anil Pinto

------------------All the best------------------

A note from Abhaya that was sent on 7 April 2009.

  • the internship diaries are over; so do not pay at the office and come with a receipt for the diaries. maintain a 50 page book as your diary. write the daily activities, date, and get it signed by your mentor in the organization; do not forget this task; you may not be able to remember everything you did during your internship
  • show interest in work and get some work; this is the time when you get your contacts and test your own ability to work with professionals
  • do not forget to get appendix; if you are unable to get some evidence contact your guide, so that alternatives could be worked out before you finish your internship and return empty handed and land in trouble
  • mail your guides once a week; it would be easy for them to suggest things if you are in contact regularly; regular contact with the guide has 5% marks
Enjoy your internship. Come back with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

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