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Friday, June 20, 2008

Literary theory class 2 for PSEng on 20 June

Names dropped: Foucault, Lacan, Hayden White, Claude Levi-strauss and Derrida, Chomski

Concepts dropped: Narratology, power, language in psychoanalysis, binary


1. Critique of notions of ‘Students own opinion”

2. Looking at student originality in terms of connections they make between ideas and see problems with the ideas/ works being engaged with when confronted with the local contexts/lived experiences.

3. Problems with existing frameworks of sociology and psychology as disciplines in the Indian academia

4. Our problems while engaging with concepts like nations. Conditioned by narratives

5. Unconscious is organized like Language – Lacan

6. Gap between linguists and psychoanalysis over language (I owe this insight to Prof Da Silva)

7. Do add what I have forgotten.

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Adarsh said...

anil, i had asked the question about the difference between creativity and the essay, and solved the issue... we'll discuss it in class on monday