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Monday, June 09, 2008

Literary Theory Classes- suggestions

Suggestions from FEP: I have given my answers in brackets.
  1. Avoid reading the text in class (ok)
  2. Go beyond the text (Fine)
  3. Keep the exam point of view as well during the discussion (Will integrate the classroom discussion and text in testing)
  4. Give question bank (since such a move will undermine the classroom discussion, will let that go)
  5. Online forum for clarification (have already created post on my blog. Open to orkut as well, if you initiate)
  6. Train in writing (will analyze some answers in classroom)
Suggestions from PSEng:
  1. Expect students to read essays (absolutely)
  2. Give also your views after the student persentaitons/ group work should be backed by teacher response (sure)
  3. Keep exam in mind while explaining (aye)
  4. Give homework on concepts (would love to)
  5. Give training in answering (yes)
  6. Give a clear framework (done)
  7. Give an essential bibliography of the books available in the library (will do)
  8. Give adequate time for assignments/ do not give it along with those of other papers. (will bear this in mind. Will also experiment with online assignments.

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