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Sunday, October 12, 2008

III Sem JPEng English classes - Suggestions, please

Dear III Sem JPEnglishites (2008)
I am informed by the dept that I am to teach you English next semester too.

I have been thinking as to how to go about the next semester classes. Your suggestions on this for next semester will be useful for me to come up with a method that will help you hone your skills/build on your existing knowledge/skills.

Your suggestion could reflect the following
  • How do you want Perspectives to be dealt in the class
  • What kind of method do you want?
  • Are there ares in language (listening, speaking, reading, writing, critical thinking) or communication that you wish inputs and training?
  • Any other issue you wish our classes engage with.
You may post your suggestions here or email them to me at ajpinto42 at gmail dot com

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