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Sunday, December 07, 2008

11th November 2008 notes and discussions - II Sem FEP

Frameworks chosen- Industrialisation, Patriarchal States, and their Discontents
Novel being discussed- Animal Farm by George Orwell
Points discussed :-
  1. Republic- Ideal state that Plato wants to construct
  2. 15th century-Thomas More's book Utopia- contains notions of an ideal state
  3. Utopias are the flipside of society.Utopias are constructed and the reverse happens.
  4. 20th century- Animal Farm- an example of Dystopia.
  5. Dystopias do not engage in poetic justice.
  6. The concept of Poetic Justice


Pinto,Anil.Class Lecture.Animal Farm.Owell,George.Christ University,Bangalore,India. 11 Dec 2008

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