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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Animal Farm - Notes

hey y'all...please do give in your inputs on the subject in the comments sure everyone has a little bit to add..happy reading!
1. Wikipedia
2. The Literature Network
3. Background
4. Study Guide
5. Interpretations
6. E-Zine
7. Some Important Questions
8. Some Quotes
9. E-notes
10. Novel Guide
11. Background Essays-Good Read
Animal Farm-The Fable ,The Satire , The Allegory
13. Spark Notes
14. More Notes
15. Cummingstudy
16. Gradesaver
17. An Amazing Test To See If You Have Really Understood

PS :As usual id say concentrate on the themes and interpretations provided. look for more background information and do post the links.


Anonymous said...

Hehehe! Hey, Ash! You've already put up everything! What's left? Good work, gal! :)

Aishwarya Rao said...

thanks anonymous:)