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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Experiments with Learning and Technology

Ever since I first started a dept website for the English Dept in my previous college (St Aloysius College, Mangalore) way back in 2004 with the help of Abhaya Simha, I have come a long way. My entry into Christ took me to numerous possibilities with technology, largely thanks to the vibrant and receptive students community here. I should sometime soon make a list of the experiments!

I have been thinking of taking these initiatives further by moving to podcasting my classroom lectures. Mohan Pillai has been helping and encouraging me a lot. I did plan to do that about a year and a half ago. But the digital voice recorder which bought for the purpose got lost in the main auditorium (It cost this poor man Rs 6000!) I am now planning to by a Philips 2 GB/20 hrs recorder so that from the next academic year I can start podcasting. The continuation of that experiment will depend on the reception for that in the cyberspace by my students and thousands others who keep visiting this blog.

Planning to buy a digital camera too, to see how i can integrate photographs into my classroom lectures and online teaching.

I want to revisit the two-time experiment which I first did in 2006 and repeated in 2009 - of teaching novels and other texts online. I taught a few MPhil classes online recently. It was quite a success. I may use it more this year.

I am also planning to create a website to integrate teaching -learning into it.

If you have any further suggestions, you are welcome.


black n white said...

Your ideas sound very interesting and am sure learning would be FUN(which usually is, in ur class)!! :)

Anil Pinto said...

Thank you, black n white

Alan said...

BRILLIANT idea since students could derive max benefit from lectures, note-taking would be easier (u wudn be worried bout wht u were missing, n concentrate/participate on/in lecture.
me n sartaj had actually contemplated this, but thot there wud be too much red tape to go thru.

Alan said...

*)* after lecture :)

Anil Pinto said...

How about allowing students voice record from their mobile phones. and later vedeo recoring too

Agent M said...

Hello sir/all,
Here's a CIA idea which would classify as a technological experiment...

In your spirit making CIAs useful for the students, and also in your spirit of experimenting with technology in education, here's a suggestion - Why not introduce the concept of blogging in class, and ask students to maintain a blog, or a category on their already existing blog, for your class, and ask them to blog about each class/session - looking at it critically, analysing the ideas discussed in class, sharing their understanding of what you discussed, responses etc., and you mark them on the basis of the blog?

Advantages -
> Listenership in class
> Students engage with the ideas you discuss in class. If this process doesnt happen, then your energy is getting wasted, isn't it?
> Experimenting with technology
> Can refer back to the notes at a later stage
> Can make an anthology out of the different ideas

Disadvantages/challenges -
> You will have to go through around 70 blogs!!! Might work out for the MA classes though...
> Introducing the concept of blogging
> Some people might consider it unfair, since some students might already have blogs, and thus they have an edge when it comes to portraying of ideas using the style

What do you think? :)

Anil Pinto said...

Thanks, M. Let's see what others say.