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Monday, March 09, 2009


Guidelines for the group assigned to me (08D4401 – 4418):

  • Prepare a proposal in about 100 words and email it to me. The proposal should include name and address of the newspaper where you would be doing your internship, a brief write up on that newspaper, reasons for your choice of that particular newspaper, your plans during the internship and your opinion on how the internship will help you develop as an effective media person. The proposal should reach me on or before 15 March 2009.
  • You are to collect a diary from Mr Kennedy by showing the receipt for Rs 30 paid at the admission office. Make entries into the diary on day-to-day basis. Your diary entries should include the assignments you were given, details of how you went about doing the assignments, new things you learnt about the field, about yourself and your abilities that day. After a few days, the diary entries will look similar, clichéd and monotonous. It is up to you to find newness and creativity in your internship everyday.
  • During your internship in the newspapers, try to get as many by-lines as possible. They will carry a lot of weight on your CV later. However, you will soon realise that it is not easy to get them. Most of the time the news briefs or news stories that you write will be published under the title ‘From our staff correspondent’ or ‘_____ News Network.’ Do not lose heart.
  • Try to build as many contacts as possible both within the organisation and with people you meet in the field. You will realise the value of it during the internship and later as you try to climb the professional and social ladder.
  • Try and do challenging news stories or features. See if you can come up with your own topics for features or news stories. Remember journalism is literature in a hurry and has a very short life span. Therefore, timeliness of an article or news is the most crucial value that will prove your talent and ability. Your genius is not what will make you valuable but your consistency.
  • Compile the copies of your published works regularly, be they briefs, news stories or features in a file. You will have to submit them along with your on-the-job reports when the college reopens.
  • If you want some guidance, want to share your success or failure feel free to email me anytime
All the best


Anonymous said...

sir, would similar rules apply to the groups under other teachers as well?
also, in case we are doing the internship abroad, would a confirmation letter from the organization be necessary or are our diary entries and proof of work enough?

Anonymous said...

Hats off to you, Sir!

Anil Pinto said...

Dear Vani, some of the guidelines would hold good, though not all. E.g. I do not think the proposal is compulsory. It's individual teacher's initiative.

A letter declaring the number of days that you have worked in the organisation is a must.

Anonymous, thanks.

Anonymous said...

thank you sir!

Anonymous said...

btw..maybe off the topic...but baa baa black sheep was cute sir...:)

Anil Pinto said...

ha... ha... ha..

Anagha said...

i.m doing my internship is The Statesman. it is one of the oldest
English newspapers in india. it was started is kolkata in 1857. it has
offices in Kolkata, New Delhi and Siliguri. i'll be working in the
kolkata office which is in Statesman House, 4 Chowringee sqaure,
kolkata 700 001

I chose this because it is a very respected newspaper.also because
kolkata is close to my home town and it will be convineint for me.

im expecting to learn though this...but also a little nervous about
the entire expeience. ii hope it will be good

Anagha said...

The Deccan Herald is a popular English-language daily newspaper of Karnataka. It is published by the Printers (Mysore) Private Limited and has a number of editions in Bangalore, Hubli, Mysore, Mangalore and Gulbarga.
The Deccan Herald was started in 1948. The Deccan Herald has a circulation of 135,000, which makes it the No. 2 English language newspaper in the city.
The head office of the Deccan Herald is on MG Road, Bangalore.
I hope that by joining this newspaper I will be able to learn a lot in terms of work experience and it will help in honing my writing skills.I hope it will be an enriching experience.


Alan Polson said...

Indian Express is one of the oldest Newspapers in India, having been started in 1932, under Veradharajulu Naidu. In 1991, following the death of the then owner Ramnath Goenka, the Goenka family split the group into two separate companies, and the southern editions became The New Indian Express, with Chennai as headquarters.
The New Indian Express has a net paid circulation of 301,601 copies, covering approximately 24 per cent of the total national population.
Because of its anti-glamor oriented approach to journalism, and unlike its competitors, the newspaper has now established itself as a neutral and unbiased publication, even while standing as a tough anti-Establishment organ.
I hope by interning with The New Indian Express, No. 1, Queens Road, Bangalore, i would perfect my journalistic skills, as well as gain as much information as possible, about the newspaper journalism as possible, since i will be working in a comparatively smaller-staffed organization.
II FEP (hopefully)