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Friday, March 20, 2009

Question paper pattern-Writing Skills

Hey guys! This is the question paper pattern that Abhaya ma'am gave me.Hope it is useful!
P.S.- No need to go through the rest like bibliography etc. because ma'am said there would be no time to attempt short and long questions simulataneously. Moreover, Komal Sarvi has extra practice questions. Please contact her or mail ma'am for the questions.

10 Marks- 5 questions- no choice

1.Converting a paragraph into a flowchart.
2.Graph analysis
4.Report Writing (Memo)
5.Rewriting a passage in outline

All the best!


Samhita Rao said...

hey vani
can u send me komal's number or ma'am's email id?
thanks sam

ritika said...

hi vani, can u please send me ma'am's id??

Anonymous said...'am's id is
I am also putting up the questions ma'am sent komal...
chk em out..