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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wold Literatures Model Questions

Section A POETRY

Explain how ‘A Prison Evening’ is a beautiful blend of political struggle and lyricism?

Who is the artist The Joy of Writing describes? Why does the poet describe writing as the revenge of the mortal hand?

Section B NOVEL (Night / Elie Wiesel)

In his ‘Preface’ to Night, what does Wiesel say about the purpose of writing?

Night is more of a social document than a work of art. Discuss.

Section C Essays

Compare Camus’ and Solzhenitsyn’s views on the Truth and Art.

According to Camus, how is the responsibility of his generation of writers different from those of the previous?

Section D Drama

Is the development of Nora’s character consistent? Justify.

What is patriarchy? How does patriarchy get represented in A Doll’s House?

Note: For the model of question paper, please click here.

Click here for a answer pattern link by Adarsh. For Adarsh's comments on the link please refer to the comment section below.

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Aditi said...

Thanks a ton sir!This would be really helpful!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot sir.

Anil Pinto said...

my pleasure.

Adarsh said...

sir...check ur mail... sent a pic of the format of answers with instructions...had talked to shobna and gort this confirmed...plz put that up on the blog... will be helpful i guess.

Adarsh said...

please note that thought the answer format says tht it is a 5 para essay... it can be exteneded to 6,7,8,...x paragraphgs keepin in mind the format is still the same...
all tht depends on ur draft copy of ur answer