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Saturday, April 04, 2009

"Look Back In Anger"

This piece was given by Padmakumar Sir. He is extremely sorry for the delay. It is still very helpfull as its a small reading which explains the title of the play.

Look Back in Anger. Why such a title?

As a qualified, but lowly positioned (he runs a sweet stall) angry young man of the England of the 1950s, Jimmy Porter [as hinted at in the first act of the play] is able to disregard the abstracting media apparatus and see the reality of the working class. It is the same approach and understanding he has about the religion, the state and other social institutions of his time and place. Further, for people like him, the idea of England as prompted by the Grand Old British Empire is disgusting, given the then poor social and economic conditions of England.

And the disregard of Jimmy Porter reality by the upper class people - Allison's family for example - infuriates them. And it is not just the disregard and insensitivity, but also holding onto a dead imperial past attitude (all-is-fine-with-the-world) by people like Allison that adds fire to their cause.

Fighting against such a system, John Osborne conceives Jimmy Porter as one who looks back in anger. Hence the title.

- Padmakumar Sir


Gopi. said...

thank you sir. better late then sorry. it is still helpful.

Anonymous said...

thanks alot........