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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Perception of Research Among Science Teachers

Following are outcome of the survey conducted by the II year MA English students among science faculty from different departments and one commerce teacher on campus on their perception of research. The first part is compiled by Jijo K. and the second by Rungring Buphate.


Q. What is research

· Solving a new problem

· Discovering a new cause

· Finding something new.

· Building knowledge.

· Applied research has definite answers

Q. Difference between Science and Social sciences

  • Discovering or acquiring a new kdg which is converted into a technique. Sicenc helps mankind directly. Human science gives only studies about mankind. Do not make a contribution to the betterment of mankind.
  • Improve the human standards of living
  • Science needs laboratory (controlled environment)
  • We get definite answers in science but only interpretations in social science
  • The distinction is between natural sciences and social sciences.

Q. Procedure of science

Observation, Experiment, Testing in Laboratary, Hypothesis, Falsification, Law statement, Theory

Know the problem, review the literature, take an expert’s help.

Q. Interdisciplinarity in research

  • The same phenomenon is looked at from different perspectives to understand the deeper dynamics of the phenomenon.
  • e.g. cognitive science, neurology
  • Removing the isolation between disciplines. It is no more than a trend.


Namita and rung group

1) What is research?

- Find out more information

- Establish or renovate new knowledge

2) What is the difference between science research and social science research?

- Science research based on algorithm . Social science and other researches based on history .

- Science research based on experiments and compiles all knowledges together . It is more quantitative . Social science research is more qualitative . It differs from culture to culture

3) What is the processes of science research ?

- Find out problems , analyses data , find out solution and conclusion

- Find out problem , collect data , do experiments , get results and make conclusion

4) What is interdisciplinary ?

- Using different subjects in that particular topics . Sometimes we have to go through mathematics in computer science research

- Require help from other subject analyses and apply data to your research

Saima group

1) Giving a new dimension to the old area .

2) Science research is objective and quantitative .

- Humanity research looks for individual uniqueness .

3) Constant engagement observation and experimentation in a specific area (narrowing down the topic )

4) Interdisciplinary is there is the most of the area . It is necessary to compare and contrast with other related discipline to have clear picture and understanding of that specific area

Fancy group

1) Systematic of collecting and analyzing information . Research is the way you educate yourself . Research is investigation . Research is the study which is already existed . Research invents new things .

2) Conduct field survey , interview , collect data where the data is already available . Humanistic interpretation is different in science there is define answer .

3) First literatise survey based on literature , obtains infrastructure for the topic area from books , journals etc , conduct experiments , compile data , get results and interpret results

4) All subjects are related , In science new knowledge is related to different field

Saju group

1) Discovering something which is already there or inventing something new . It includes experimentation , observation in which hypothesis is created and theory built .

2) Science requires specimens .

3) Identify field problem , get problem , and find out targeting problem . Build up synopsis ,

Methodology can be both quantitative and qualitative .

4) Interdisciplinary between botany and zoology , statistics and math , and physics and chemistry .

Priya group

1) Finding new dimensions , building on something which is already present . Coming out of one own mind .

2) Purpose and objectives are same but methodology are different .

3) Identify the field , consult the field , contract founding theory through experiment and hypothesis .

4) Interdisciplinary is possible to give various perspectives to a research is required . Sometimes we have to depend on other disciplines and subjects in order to get complete discipline.

Sayori group

1) Research is something to explore new thing , work out core elements of a phenomenon / experience , indepth analysis .

2) Science research uses instrument and observation . Methodology in science research is scientific . It has rationality and objectivity . Social science research is more specific and localized political and cultural elements .

3) Psychology is different from social science because it is more concrete . Psychology has methodology which follows natural science .

4) In approach disciplinary . set of compare mentalization . Connecting to different disciplinaries , sociopolitical context . Psychology variable from different perspectives combining different disciplinaries to approach core of psychology .